Demon Customer Star Wars DVD Deal Alert

For those who haven’t snapped up their Star Wars DVD set, here’s the best deal I found, with a big hat-tip to FatWallet:

If there’s a Fry’s Electronics in your area, they’re selling the set for $36.99. Get a copy of their ad, and take it to Sears. Sears’ price match brings the price down to $36.19. Then use the $5 off $35 Sears coupon on this FatWallet page to bring your pre-sales tax total all the way down to $31.19. That’s just $10 a movie, plus the great extras disc for $1.19.

To paraphrase Cheech in “From Dusk Til Dawn,” if you can find a better deal than that–BUY IT.


36 Responses to “Demon Customer Star Wars DVD Deal Alert”

  1. Frank Martin Says:

    If Lucas really wanted to stop the pirating they would offer $10 off the set for every bootleg DVD you bring in.

  2. Will Collier Says:

    Heck with that. He can have my bootleg DVDs of the original versions when he prys them outta my–wait, scratch that. I own the laserdiscs, so I’d just give them to him. I can make more…

  3. Mike M Says:

    Or just wait 6 months and pick up a set for half that on ebay or at the local used cd/movie place. Not like you haven’t seen the movies a dozen times already.

    Of course, I have to give some props to Lucas for not totally gouging fans on yet another re-release of 20 year old movies. I expected the set to retail for about $50-60.

  4. Ian Wood Says:

    Yeah. Too bad I can only get the “They’re My Movies I Made Them And I Can Do Whatever I Want With Them So Shut The F*ck Up” versions on DVD.

  5. Frank Martin Says:

    in 1977, I stood in line for 12 hours to see it the first time, and came back the next day to do it over again. For “empire” I cut to the chase and got a job at the theatre as an usher. I saw it 80 times before the run was over.

    In 2004, I will sit this evening in the front room of my house and watch the movie with my two kids. We will watch it on a DVD, wide screen TV, with full Dolby surrond sound system.`

    How this all happened, How this timeline all came about, I have no real idea, but its sure been a fun ride.

    This is a great time to be alive, try to remember to enjoy the little things that come along in life. Spend a few minutes and remember where you were the first time you saw that opening scene of “star wars”, and try like hell to pass on the excitement of it to the little ones who missed it the first time around.

    Theres always time to be pissy and cynical, but let’s try to have some fun now and then shall we?

  6. Will Collier Says:

    What Frank said.

  7. Steve Teeter Says:

    Verily, Frank. I remember when it first came out, going to see it at a big theater in, yes indeed, Hollywood. I was in college, and I remember that for weeks I’d been seeing billboards for something called “Star Wars” as I rode my bike to the department store in Van Nuys where I was working for the summer. Even then it struck me as an unusually uncertain and tentative ad campaign. The studio just didn’t know which way to jump, whether they would have a massive hit on their hands or an expensive flop. They were hedging their bets by putting up posters, but not putting the whole reputation of 20th Century Fox behind it.

    Little did they know. Lots of movies have changed the course of movie-making history, but I don’t think there’s any other movie whose very first scene changed the course of history. In an instant, we knew we had been swept up into another world. I wish I had a time machine and could go back to one of those early showings. I wouldn’t watch the screen so much as I’d watch the audience. Mouths hanging slack jawed, eyes bugging out, as the entire audience thought to themselves in unison: OHHH. MYY. GAWWDD!!!!!

    But there’s one thing I want to know about this DVD re-release. All the info sources I’ve seen, including, have been remarkably coy about providing one bit of data. But this is the blogosphere, with sources of information unknown even to CBS News!! (I grow faint at the very thought.) So tell me:

    Is this DVD release the original theatrical versions, or the “special editions” with added scenes that Lucas released about 12-15 years ago?

  8. Jeff Says:

    This is a new version…it’s even newer than the Special Editions.

  9. Jeff Says:

    Me again. People need to realize that from Lucas’s perspective there is no such thing as the original version. Whatever version exists now is the one and only version.

    You will never see a DVD with the originals on it. The movies the way you saw them 20 years ago cease to exist. The movies are like people…they change as they age and there’s no going back.

  10. Mike Says:

    You will never see a DVD with the originals on it. The movies the way you saw them 20 years ago cease to exist.

    I’d lay odds that the Lucas estate will make a super-duper edition containing all the variants once Lucas himself is no longer available to play with them. (Leaving aside consumer demand, odds are that film history courses will want a variorum edition to examine the effects of the changes over time.)

  11. Frank Martin Says:

    The only original versions of Star Wars that remain exist only in the rapidly aging synapses of those of us who were in the 200 domestic theaters that it opened in on that weekend in 1977.

    All other versions of the movie that were created after that are just so much mylar and magnetic slurry. You can capture film frames on magnetic or optical media and you can capture sound, but you can’t capture what it was like to see a line of people go around for 6 blocks in every theater in America, while the all knowing film critics like Rex Reed were busy panning it, it seemed like the world was willingly eating up their holiday weekend doing nothing but standing in line for a chance to see the movie.

    and it didn’t end there, it went on like that all weekend and well into Christmas. In some ways, its still going on. In a funny way, we are all still standing in line to get our mitts on a bit of the magic.

    I will never forget the feeling of the audience when we finally got into the theater. We were so ready for a good show, Lucas could have run a 16mm film of Alec Guiness reading a 1968 Chiltons Car Repair manual and we would have jumped out of our seats.

  12. caltechgirl Says:

    I agree. Once the egomaniacal Jawa is dead, we’ll have our SW just how we like it. Where Greedo shoots first, dammit.

  13. caltechgirl Says:

    BTW I hate living in the ass crack of the world where there is NO Fry’s….. yet another thing I miss from home…

  14. Garrett Says:

    “Spend a few minutes and remember where you were the first time you saw that opening scene of “star wars”, and try like hell to pass on the excitement of it to the little ones who missed it the first time around.”

    I’ll always remember my first viewing because we were able to get in the theater at the tail end of the previous showing. Saw the whole award ceremony thing and then the credits and my Dad goes, “Okay, that’s it, let’s go.”

    My seven year old self was like “But…but…but, that can’t be it.”

    My Dad would be arrested for child cruelty in this day and age. 🙂

  15. leelu Says:


    Saw it in the screening room at Fox.

    The opening shot of the courier ship and the start destroyer had the same physical effect on me as the opening title on 2001 from front row balcony – I felt like I was floating in space.

    In a perfectly legal state of mind, too.

  16. Ian Wood Says:

    Frank, I think the difference between our viewpoints is that I don’t have kids. So it’s all about meeee, see?

    Basically, it’s difficult for me to get nostalgic while watching a film from 1977 when it’s been peppered with special effects and scenes from 20 years later that I don’t remember and which I don’t think are improvements over the original. I wouldn’t mind a bit if I could still get the original, but I can’t.

    Lucas was so annoyed that he got fined by the unions for having the credits at the end of Empire–they let him do it for Star Wars, but he did it over their objections for Empire to protect that memorable Star Wars opening–that he just paid the fines and dropped out of the Director’s Guild and the MPAA.

    He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who’ll let anyone futz with his movies after he’s dead. There will be a battery of lawyers protecting whatever the final version turns out to be, in perpetuity.

    Picasso used to do the same thing…sneaking into museums and galleries with paints hidden under his coat to touch up bits of his work he wasn’t happy with…

  17. Great Auk Says:

    Hey i can remember when star wars first came out in 1977 i was out of school(having graduated the following year(1976)and i saw star wars i can even recall that when it was shown in one theater they had the manager go it dressed as darth vader and everybodt threw popcorn and ice at him WOW may the force be with you

  18. Vic Says:

    Lucas is a political correctness stooge. Solo shot first in the original, not Greedo. That is now lost in the DVD

    It’s like Spielberg changing the G-Men’s guns to radios in ET.

    Revisionism = Evil

  19. Winston Smith Says:

    I have students who look at me in dismay when I tell them I have such-and-such a movie on laserdisc, but I do have pristine copies of the original Trilogy, and I can watch Han shoot first whenever I like.

    The picture and sound quality may not be DVD standard, but they’re encoded in THX and they sound pretty damned good on the surround sound.

  20. David Says:

    Not just geeks, cheap geeks.

    I think this “Melissa” person is inflatable.

  21. jp Says:

    The Wall Street Journal (liberal rag!!!) shows the race even tighter than several other polls. They note the electoral college tally is 297 to 241, in Senator Kerry’s favor

    “Sen. John Kerry’s state tally shrank but his overall position appears to have stabilized among likely voters in many of the 16 battleground states, according to the latest Zogby Interactive poll.

    Mr. Kerry now leads in 11 states — down from 12 states he held two weeks ago and 14 a month ago — and his leads over President Bush in Florida and Arkansas are less than one percentage point. At the same time, he maintained or added to comfortable advantages in Michigan, Oregon and New Mexico — states that have been largely in his camp since the first poll in this series back in May. One state to watch is Pennsylvania, which is still in Mr. Kerry’s column but for the second straight poll is considerably tighter than it was prior to the Republican convention.

    The leads Messrs. Bush and Kerry hold in 10 of the 16 states are within the margin of error, which varies between +/- 2.4 and +/- 4.4 percentage points. Mr. Kerry’s leads in Washington, Oregon, Michigan, New Mexico and Minnesota are outside the margin of error, while Mr. Bush’s lead is outside the margin in West Virginia. Presuming that all the states — including the 33 electoral votes from the tight Florida and Arkansas races — go to the current leading candidates and that the other 34 states and the District of Columbia go as they did in the 2000 election, Mr. Kerry would get 297 electoral votes and Mr. Bush would get 241.”

    steve care to quote the wsj? too liberal for you?

  22. Stephen Green Says:


    Keep the comments to the relavent post, please.

    Yes, I’ll be covering the WSJ. And please don’t try to “smear” me with the liberal label. With the exception of the current War, I’m probably a better liberal than a conservative – and proud of it.

  23. jp Says:

    i love this blog. i really do.

    see you tomorrow

  24. bkw Says:

    Hey everyone! Look at JP! He’s the guy jumping up and down right there waving his arms and shouting in a megaphone at a completely irrelevent venue! He found something that says something different from everything else, but this something else says something that he agrees with … so it must be true!


    And wrt running here and there to save a couple bucks … man, I’m willing to spend the extra ten bucks so I can get home an hour earlier and pop the damn thing in. 🙂

    The biggest problem with DVD clarity on hi def sets, is the special effects are so crystal clear that they look a little too clear.

    And as far as who shoots first — in this version, it’s close enough that if you blink, you can pretend it’s still Han shooting first. I like the sizzling sound effect they added.

    My wife and I were having a discussion about the replacement of old-fat-Annakin w/Young Hayden at the end of RotJ. Her theory is that the “good force” Annakin is the one left floating around the aether, hence Annakin’s reversion to Hayden Mode, whilst Obi Wan and Yoda are still Alec mode and … er … puppet mode.

    But anyway. I think it a little gratuitious. Lucas’ attempt to tie it more tightly into the first three …

    Also, does anyone know why Kenobi was hanging out on Tattoine anyway? Was he there to keep an eye on Luke? Why was Luke with Owen and Beru anyway?

  25. Birkel Says:

    Let me see if I get the timeline.

    1) Buy the StarWars DVD set
    2) No more posts for at least 8 hours (plus bathroom breaks)

    Is that about right?

  26. cthulhu Says:

    I remember something from a few years ago that the Lucas had contributed big bucks to some film-preservation project because he had discovered that a full theatrical-release copy of Star Wars — only about 15 years old at the time — could no longer be found.

    Seems that theater films are run to death. There’s a master, they run a zillion copies to distribute, the copies are on cheap stock and self-destruct inside projectors…and the originals are tossed.

    Part of the reason that the re-release had changes was because Lucas had to fill in unrecoverable spots from his home “blooper reel” and CGI. Once on the path of revisionism, he added a few tweaks here and there.

    None of which excuses Greedo drawing first in the cantina, of course. Presaging the shooting of the swordsman in Raiders, Ford was cast in a radical update to “the great American hero” — some folks jus’ need killin’.

    Maybe Saddam was watching too much John Wayne and not enough Harrison Ford when he gambled that we wouldn’t take out his despotic regime without full UN support….

    (70s films to current events….I gotta get out more!)

  27. Garrett Says:

    “And please don’t try to ‘smear’ me with the liberal label. With the exception of the current War, I’m probably a better liberal than a conservative – and proud of it.”

    Please note the small-l liberal in that quote. I don’t think that’s coincidental, but Steve is free to correct me if I’m wrong.

    As an aside, I’ve noticed a tendancy from more than a few folks who don’t read, or at least comment here, regularly, to mis-classify our host (the primary one, don’t wanna inadvertently lump Will in here) as Republican or Conservative. If you’d take a few minutes to read the archives, you’d see that Senior Green defies a ready catigorigazation.

    One of the many reasons I read this site on a regular basis.

  28. Mr. Bingley Says:

    i think george lucas faxed the memos to rather

  29. Ash Says:

    I won’t be buying the Star Wars DVD’s, because HAN SHOOTS FIRST. End of story.

    Instead, I am having my Star Wars VHS tapes transferred to DVD. We have the technology.

    Screw Lucas.

  30. Mike M Says:

    “Presaging the shooting of the swordsman in Raiders, Ford was cast in a radical update to “the great American hero” — some folks jus’ need killin’.”

    That scene with the swordsman was actually unintentional. As written, it called for a big whip vs. sword fight, but Harrison Ford was sick and too worn out for a big fight scence (he looks horrible in the close ups). So Indy just shot the guy to resolve the scene, and it unintentionally became one of the best scenes in the movie.

    Lucas not only messed up the cantina scene by having Greedo shoot first, he also spoiled some of Harrison Ford’s personal mystique. It would be like James Cameron editing Terminator 2 to have Arnold say, “I shall return.”

  31. Steve Teeter Says:

    Well, harrumph, you late adopters. I have Empire and Jedi on laserdisc, but the original Star Wars only on a VHS tape. That’s because I bought it before they’d invented laserdiscs. Which is before anyone started fucking around with Director’s Cuts and Special Editions. They just took a good theater copy, ran it through a telecine video convertor, and put it on the shelf. So I can watch Han shoot first any time I want to. But only in analog.

  32. Jeremiah Says:

    I understand Software Etc. is selling the Star Wars trilogy for 30 if you trade in three DVDs (of any worth). So you can go buy three DVD’s for 1 buck each at some cheapo video rental place, turn ’em in, and get the trilogy for $11 each, with the bonus disc free 😉

  33. bkw Says:

    Instead, I am having my Star Wars VHS tapes transferred to DVD. We have the technology.

    You know what’s even better? LD to DVD. 🙂

    I have the SW Definitive Collection CAV LDs.

    Now if only I had an LD player … 😀

  34. Frank Martin Says:

    I have three questions:

    1) Why does greedo have to shoot first?

    2) How does he manage to miss a shot with a three foot point blank range? I guess those big bug eyes and suction cup fingers dont help much in the bar environment.

    3) Re: #2 – what the hell is it with people in ‘star wars’ and their marksmanship skills? scene after scene, robot or human, ewok or wookie, no one seems to be able to hit a damn thing. greedo is sitting 3 feet from solo, he misses, greedo would have done more damage to solo by spilling his drink on him.

    stormtroopers fill the entrance of a hangar, not one seems to hit the millenium falcon, an ENTIRE FREAKIN SPACESHIP. They can invent plasma weapons, but a simple ring and bead sight seems beyond their capacity to create. and despite being covered with armor, stormtroopers go down like a bag of cement with every glancing shot.

  35. Ian Wood Says:

    It’s the helmets.

  36. Great Auk Says:

    You got to figure when such a big hit movies like the STAR WARS tilogy are comming out on DVD there will be unscrupious persons out to pirate it but i have the origional trilogy on video cassttes the digitly remastered versions but what eral bothers me is what became of the starm troopers and crew who went about hans ship the MELENIUM FALCON we heard the lod chrash and when the starm troopers went aboard we heard the blater shots and then they were never seen again

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