In Your Face, Reynolds!


My “From The Bleachers” column covering Auburn’s 34-10 demolition of Tennessee is up.

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  1. kevino Says:

    Yes, Congratulations goes to Auburn: they dominated every aspect of the game and took UT to the woodshed at Knoxville.

    This was painful: I grew up on Big Orange football, and I graduated From UTK. I asked my SO to please change the channel early in the second quarter. We watched CSI Miami. I couldn’t look any more.

  2. McGehee Says:

    Tennessee threw the game to give Alabama a false sense of security. You have to understand that for Vols fans there’s really only one game that matters, and Auburn ain’t it.

  3. rivlax Says:

    I’m UGa ’73 (BA) and AU ’81 (MA) but my allegiances are Red & Black. The last GA-AU game I saw in person was 1980 when Herschel ran all over Jordan-Hare a week after the miraculous “Lindsay Scott” Florida finish, and then went on to down the Irish for all the marbles in the Sugar Bowl. But I have to say, those home Auburn uniforms are about the best looking in college football. Every time I see them I think of Pat Sullivan and Terry Beasley.

  4. ATM Says:

    Oh come off it McGehee. The game hurts because it makes us look bad and it makes it more difficult to reach the SEC championship. I haven’t see a more pathetic defensive effort by the Vols, especially against the run. Besides who wants to give ‘bama any satisfaction especially with the Fulmer Alabama probation brouhaha.

  5. Cousin Dave Says:

    War Eagle! I guess I’m going to have to change (once again) the identity of the school named in that “mysterious white powder on the football field” joke…

  6. Alan K. Henderson Says:


  7. Slartibartfast Says:

    I actually was cheering for Auburn, for the first time in my life. Tennessee tried to lose against Florida, but Florida just wanted it more.

    Lot of good games on Saturday. I went to the Florida/Arkansas game, which was one of those games that you walk away from needing a long soak in the hot tub. Apres-game we barbecued some baby back ribs at a friend’s house, drank a generous amount of beer, and watched my Boilermakers wax Notre Dame. Later on there was the Northwestern/Ohio State game, which was entertaining if you don’t like the Buckeyes. Great game day.

  8. Mike Caldwell Says:

    War Damn Eagles!

    Had to say it; ya’ll looked GOOD. I agree with McGehee that ‘Bama is THE one we look for and we won’t have to worry about that if we play like that against Georgia this Saturday.

    Playing like shit in Athens does not a happy Saturday make.

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