In Australia, Bush ally John Howard has not only won a fourth term, his party picked up seats in the Aussie parliament.

In other, related news, Tim Blair is almost certainly drunk, and preparing to rub it in as only he can.

UPDATE: Tim emails,

We aren’t Spanish, you know. Now it’s time to take the battle to a whole new level!

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  1. MustangDale Says:

    Looks like John Kerry’s Sister was unable to rally other nations against the U.S. Thanks Australia for putting another American Leftist in her place!

  2. blogoSFERICS Says:

    That's Gonna Leave a Mark!

    Via Vodkapundit: Howard Claims Victory Australian Broadcasting Corp. (ABC.net) Prime Minister John Howard has thanked the Australian people for his historic fourth federal election victory. Federal Labor leader Mark Latham conceded defeat after the How…

  3. Mike Jericho Says:

    Ole Tim’ll be well gone tonight, no doubt about it. I’ll be catching up with him on Tuesday at the Mill Hill, where we’ll both raise a toast to you Steve.

  4. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Stephen Green
    RE: It’s a Great Victory…

    …not only for Mr. Howard and our Australian allies, but for US as well.

    And, likewise a significant blow to Kandidate Kerry’s Kampaign.

    RE: Additionally

    And I think this is very important, notice there were no major terrorist attacks against the Australians in the days before the election?

    Unlike with the Spaniards?

    I think the terrorists understand that the Bali Bomb was a BIG mistake. This election proves it.

    Maybe the terrorists are thinking the same thing about US. Maybe they realize that a bomb or other organized incident would be detrimental to getting Kerry into the Oval Office.

    This does not mean that a lone wolf might not do something on his own hook, but nothing organized as in 9-11.



  5. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Tim Blair
    RE: What Next?

    “We aren’t Spanish, you know. Now it’s time to take the battle to a whole new level!” — Tim Blair, as reported by Stephen Green

    Here are MY thoughts….

    What Next?


    P.S. I think I’ll open a bottle of bubbly myself. And start another 5-gallon batch. I’m getting low.

  6. Retread Says:

    A hearty well done to our Aussie allies! I’m more and more encouraged that on November 3rd we’ll hear repeats of ‘But how can he have won, everybody I know said they were voting Democrat!’

    Chuck, it seems that as close as the terrorists could come to another Bali to intimidate the Aussie voters was to leave a bomb outside the Indonesian Embassy in Paris.

    Early reports indicate the Afghanistan vote isn’t being serously disrupted either.

  7. Crossy Says:

    The Australian Senate (“upper house”) might have shifted to the Howard led Coalition..

    might turn out to be REALLY significant – the Senate if I remember it right holds veto powers on many areas like taxation..

    if the Senate changes hands to the Howard government the Aussies might get RADICAL TAX REFORM .. total revamp of the tax code

    let’s see – might turn out the real “killer” here..


  8. Bill Says:

    To my friends on the left dont be discouraged….a great victory for the left today, also….all those who passionately defend the rights of homosexuals, women, and disenfranchised voters……not the debate, but the elections in Afghanistan. Instead of being stoned, subjugated, these minority groups are getting their first taste of freedom. Thank God, we did not confine ourselves to some police action against OBL. To all the soldiers families who lost loved ones, your soldier did not die in vain. For those of us serving in Iraq, we look forward to seeing the same in January.

  9. gb_in_ga Says:

    Woo Hoo! It just makes me want to do the “Dance of Joy”! (envision Balki)

  10. David Says:

    Celebrate the news, buy a bottle of Aussie wine.

  11. Sortapundit Says:

    I Love the Smell of Democracy in the Morning.

    It’s a big day for democracy. John Howard won his 4th straight Australian federal election after Mark Latham of the Labour Party conceded defeat with 60% of the votes counted. Latham had promised to withdraw all 900 Aussie troops from Iraq by Christm…

  12. Another Victory Says:

    The Ozzies are not Spaniards. Ozzies do not run from a fight.

    Something in the blood.

  13. RIGHT ON RED >> Says:

    It’s a Good Morning Today

    I love the smell of liberal defeat in the morning.

  14. Good Ole Charlie Says:

    Another Victory:

    You wrote: “The Ozzies are not Spaniards. Ozzies do not run from a fight. Something in the blood.”

    Amen, Brother.

    We are indeed fortunate to have the Aussie with us.

  15. Steven Den Beste Says:

    They didn’t let us down. Let’s hope we don’t let them down.

  16. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Retread
    RE: The Old Axiom

    “Early reports indicate the Afghanistan vote isn’t being serously disrupted either.” — Retread

    …still holds true…

    The Best Defense is a Good Offense.

    Too bad Senator Edwards keeps getting his facts bass-ackward.



  17. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Steven Den Beste
    RE: And Again….

    “They didn’t let us down. Let’s hope we don’t let them down.” — Steven Den Beste

    Amen to THAT!

    Our turn in the barrel in a few weeks.



  18. Pejmanesque Says:


    As Will Collier notes, Australian Prime Minister John Howard not only won a fourth term in office, but also increased his parliamentary majority. This means that there is increased political support for Australia to remain as part of the coalition…

  19. Damian Says:

    Guys, calm down. Howard and the LIB/NAT won the election for one of the oldest reasons in the book, they have a stonking economy! Kudos to Howard et al for supporting the Ozzie pocketbook.
    I think it is a bit far fetched to translate Howards re-election into Australia’s overwhelming support for George W Bushs’ foreign policy………think again

  20. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Damian
    RE: Think!

    “I think it is a bit far fetched to translate Howards re-election into Australia’s overwhelming support for George W Bushs’ foreign policy………think again” — Damian

    I have thought.

    I stand by what I wrote earlier. Especially in light of realizing that the Kandidate Kerry Kampaign sent Teresa’s sister over to the Aussies to meddle in their politics in a manner to unseat the Howard government.

    If she had succeeded, despite their glowing economy, it would have been a significnat coup for the KKK, here.

    You have to have a country in order for it to have a powerful economy. Look at the Arab street; all boarded up by the imams and mullahs.



  21. Bullet Sponge Says:

    Sure, Damian, sure. If Howard had lost, do you seriously doubt it would be splashed across every mainstream media headline and newscrawl in the USA? And heralded as proof that the Australians had repudiated the War in Iraq?

    Pull the other one. It’s got bells on.

  22. Chris S. Says:

    Congratulations to Lord Howard. The Australians are alongside the Brits, Japanese, Italians, Poles, and the various other coalition nations as a true ally. As Stephen Den Beste once said, it’s probably an honor thing: we saved the Ozzies’ in WWII, and they’re returning the favor now.

    Which is interesting:
    We (along with Britain and Canada) saved France from the Nazis in WWII. France forgot as soon as humanly possible, and is now, in large part, one of the most vocal anti-American states on Earth.

    We saved Australia from the Japanese, and they stand by us to this day.

    We rebuilt Germany after WWII, protected it from becoming completely under Communist rule, and they, too, seem to be extremely anti-American nowadays.

    We bombed Japan back to the Stone Age, and used the only atomic bombs ever detonated in anger against them, and they re-wrote their constitution so that they could send troops to help rebuild Iraq.

    For those of you who don’t get it: that is the difference between real allies, and pretend allies.

  23. Average Joe Says:

    David, my thoughts exactly. I have not made detailed plans for this evening but I do know one thing: whatever else I do will be accompanied by a nice bottle of Australian wine.

  24. Damian Says:

    Indeed, had Mark Latham won the election then I am absolutely sure that the anti-war lobby and Heinzs’ sister would have paraded the victory as vindication for the Kerry camps’ declaration of Georges’ “collosal misjudgement”.


    Australia has a strong economy, thanks to Howard (at the moment). Australians simply voted for more of the same and the “referendum on Iraq war policy” took second place.

  25. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Alex D
    RE: Good Point

    Next trip to the Class VI store will garnier several bottles of Rosemont Shiraz.

    I just hope they aren’t doing what Knockandew did in the 80s. Got in to the US marked with an inexpensive but GREAT single-malt scotch and then, once established, jacked up the price to near unaffordable.

    The last bottle I bought was for the wake of the gentleman who introduced me to it 20 years ago. [Damned fool got himself inturned in Arlington. Who knew!!?!? But then again, maybe I should have guessed….] Drank the whole thing and did five A. Fuente Hemingways to boot. All in my dress blues. Had to be driven home.



  26. Robert Schwartz Says:

    I say good on ya mates! I will raise a glass of your excellent shiraz to toast you.

    To our best mates!

    I think this is a very positive sign for the Bush campaign.

  27. Pixy Misa Says:

    Latham did try to make Iraq an issue, promising to cut and run if he was elected. It didn’t play very well with the public, and he’d been very quiet on the subject the last few weeks.

    As for terrorist attacks – nothing here in Australia, but they did blow up our embassy in Jakarta just recently.

    As a side note, I’ve noticed a lot more security guards on Sydney’s trains the last couple of months. I suspect that they suspected what I suspected – an attempted rerun of Spain. Thankfully, nothing of the sort happened.

  28. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Damian
    RE: Uuuuh….

    “Australia has a strong economy, thanks to Howard (at the moment)…..” — Damian

    Don’t look now….

    …but you’re repeating yourself.



  29. Chuck Pelto Says:

    P.S. Or R Y A Bot?

  30. Chuck Pelto Says:

    Ooops…to much champagne and brandy and cigars; celebration, ya know. That should read…

    R U A Bot?

  31. Diggers Realm Says:

    John Howard Wins In Australia

    John Howard won a 4th term in Australia. This is great news for the coalition and for any rational minded peoples of the world. Unlike Spain and the Philippines, Australia has shown that a true friend doesn’t fold like a…

  32. denise Says:

    Any suggestions as to what Aussie imported item(s) a non-drinker (for now) can buy to show her support to a true friend of the US?

  33. Joel Says:


    Yeah. Vegemite. A little bit goes a long way.

  34. Horst Graben Says:

    I’m finally drunk enuf to post a comment here. Many toasts to our brothers and sisters of Oz.

    I do think Damian does make a point about the economy and all. It still does not diminish the victory for testosterone of the men who rule the world ’cause we can f-ing swim and sail the seas.

    eat shit and die you camel fuckers


  35. Nathan Says:

    Don’t go for vegemite, you nutty masochists. Go for something *all* Aussies love: Tim Tams Don’t go for vegemite, you nutty masochists. Go for something *all* Aussies love: Tim Tams ❤

  36. Sharpshooter Says:

    Guys, calm down. Howard and the LIB/NAT won the election for one of the oldest reasons in the book, they have a stonking economy! — Damian
    ‘Splain, please, the US elections in 1936 and 1940.

  37. Carl Says:

    Right on Ozzies! i was drinking oz wine during debate #2, pulling for John Howard. Massive victory, it’s good that they told Theresa’s sister where to get off! Ok, we’re next, & we won’t let ’em down!

    Also, nobody’s gonna care for the week with NY v Boston again, that’s the current war

  38. tonym Says:

    A few of you have pointed out that John Howard won because we have a strong economy, and that the War on Terror wasn’t big thing in this election campaign…

    Well that’s probably true, but has anyone wondered why it wasn’t one of the big issues?? Because the Labor Party knew it wasn’t a vote winner for them… Think about that, IT WASN’T A VOTE WINNER…

    John Howard has always had a 20 percentage point lead in the polls when it comes to “Who do you wnat to lead in the War on Terror”…

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