As The Governator Says, “I’m Back”

Despite having (inadvertently) arrived at the Orlando airport four hours early for my flight, I’m proud to say that I was the last passenger to be seated for the trip home. Delta got its final revenge, though–we had to circle Macon for a half hour.

Sadly, I was not upgraded, and thus, I am again sober. However, as the wife just left for an orchestra rehearsal, that situation will soon be remedied.

Thanks to all for the commiseration and good thoughts. Oh, and Brian–in addition to the Asteroids Deluxe, I also have a cocktail Missile Command, as well as uprights of Kickman and Eyes (the latter two aren’t working, though). I think my VAPS membership got dropped when I missed an audit a while back…


6 Responses to “As The Governator Says, “I’m Back””

  1. Stephen Green Says:

    Welcome home, Will. I’ll drink one tonight just for you.

  2. Vitriolics Says:

    I flew BA to London one time. With dinner (which was great) I ordered wine, beer, and three shots. “So you’re going to drink your way over,” said the smiling Flight Attendant. She gave me the booze, and I remember nary a one bad detail from that flight.

  3. David Says:

    What instrament does you wife play?

  4. nikita demosthenes Says:

    In every Presidential election I’ve ever seen, the color blue has been used to designate states where the incumbent is leading, and the color red has been used to designate states where the challenger is leading.

    Why has this system been abandoned this year?

    My opinion: the mainstream media will use any device, no matter how petty, to help the Democrat candidate. I’m sure we’ll see more of this.

  5. McGehee Says:

    Actually, Nikita, I think they’re using the colors this way in 2004 because the “red state, blue state” meme has taken hold, and it would confuse people to make pro-Bush states blue now.

    Of course, they’re largely responsible for the meme…

  6. clark Says:

    I think his line is, “I’ll be back.”

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