From The Bleachers

My weekly Auburn football column is up, covering the Tigers’ 38-20 shellacking of Arkansas.

Any yes, I am having a hell of a lot of fun this season…


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  1. Roundguy Says:

    Isn’t that the same score Texas beat them by. Auburn is up to No. 3 at Fox Sports.

  2. Mr. Bingley Says:

    dang, i’m not. once again virginia completely chokes in an important game. it doesn’t matter if it’s basketball or football; if you need a choke, you can count on the boys from charlottesville. argh.

  3. Will Collier Says:

    Texas beat the Arkies 22-20 this year, it was a very tight game until Sasquatch fumbled late.

  4. John W. Says:

    I grew up on Auburn football when we were the bastard whipping child of Bama. I was in the end zone stands when we finally beat Bama in 1983 (And on the goal post after the clock expired). I have seen Auburn’ rankings in various seasons rise and fall; just getting some slight satisfaction when they quietly rose after each victory; knowing they were comparable to Miami in 1983, for example. But this year seems different indeed. No distracting pre-season hype (The preseason #1 was nice, but we knew it wouldn’t last). Just hard work, execution, and a lot of heart! Dare I say this may be THE year?
    War Damn Eagle!

  5. Acidman Says:

    They’ve still gotta play the DAWGS. They’d better jock up tight for that one.

  6. Les Jones Says:

    Three Auburn football players go into a bar. The guy next to them starts telling an Auburn joke.

    The smallest of the three Auburn guys taps him on the shoulder. “Excuse me, sir. I couldn’t help overhearing the joke you were starting to tell. Now this is a free country and all, but I thought you should know that my friends and I play for Auburn. I’m 6’2″ and 261 pounds. My buddy here is 6’4″ and 278 pounds, and my other buddy is 6’5” and 282 pounds.

    “Now, do you still want to tell that Auburn joke.”

    The guy says, “You’re right. I’d better not tell that joke. I don’t want to have to explain it three times.”

  7. pianoman Says:

    One of the local columnists here in southern California is predicting a Nat’l Championship game between USC and Auburn.

    If a Pac-10 team is allowed to be in the BCS, that is.

  8. Great Auk Says:

    Boo hoo hoo for bill clinton his razorbacks are,nt want they used to be and the tigers ate pork what a foolish way for clintons state to be is arkansas is a state where the people deserve better

  9. Frank Myers Says:

    Roll Tide from Baghdad, Iraq where this is one of many Alabama fans wanting to see Auburn do well while we slowly recover from the the vicious probation..

    12-1 Auburn National Champions would be sweet. 13-0, not so sweet.

    If you like football then you may like my take on the affect college football has had here in the Iraqi war:

  10. HogFan Says:

    Hey, congrats on the win. I knew going in that Campbell was having a great year, and would give us fits, I just hoped that our “formerly league leading offense” could put up enough points.

    Well, Matt “Sasquatch” was injured, but I don’t think that changed the outcome. We might have scored one more touchdown, but I don’t think we could have caught up. (With Matt playing, we ALWAYS think we can catch up, it just becomes increasingly difficult when you’re down 30-0)

    Your offense looks great, and your defense is definetely as good, and probably better than UF, and EOE-A (Texas). Auburn fans have always been my favorite in the SEC because they are genuinely nice folks. (Contrasted with, say, LSU fans) I am rooting for you guys to win it all, not in the least so Tubby can thumb his nose at Lowder.

    Good luck the rest of the way.

  11. John Irving Says:

    War Damn Eagle!

  12. The Truth Laid Bear Says:

    Heroes For Bush

    What: A blogburst where bloggers will channel their favorite characters of TV, movies, and fiction showing their support for President Bush’s re-election. When: Friday, October 22 Where: Here at TTLB, and across the blogosphere. Why: Because heroes ins…

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