Fair-Dinkum Grand-Slam

The final vote counts Down Under are over, and Bush ally John Howard’s party has won majorities in both houses of the Australian parliament. He’ll lead the first unified Aussie government in 24 years.

As noted previously, Tim Blair is undoubtably happy, and again presumed drunk.


2 Responses to “Fair-Dinkum Grand-Slam”

  1. Robert Says:

    Good for the Aussies. Here’s hoping for more of the same at home.

  2. Diggers Realm Says:

    John Howard’s Conserative Party Takes Both Houses Of Parliament In Australia

    Looks like the Aussies have made their choice. And their choice is a strong economy, strong military and a bright future as they have elected the conservatives into power. I’d just like to let our mates down under know that…

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