0-Dark-30 Report

The polls opened in Georgia about 10 minutes ago, at 7AM Eastern. I heard on the radio this morning around 6:15AM that one polling place in south Fulton County (metro Atlanta), described as “racially diverse” and “the Bush and Kerry bumper stickers in the lot are about evenly split” already had 97 people in line to vote.

I’ll head over to my polling site (insert Mayor Quimby jokes here) around 9:30 or so.


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  1. DanO Says:

    I live in Fairfax, VA. Just returned home from voting. I got there at 6:05 (polls opened at 6:00) and left at 7:10. I think 4 years ago I waited 40 minutes to vote.

    Had two people in front of me complaining the whole time about the wait. I wanted to (but didn’t) say that there are people in the world who would kill or die for even just the chance to wait in this line. I love this country, but sometimes the residents…

    It will be interesting to see if the large turn-out (seems to be there will be) carries over into the off-presidential election years. Then I’ll be a believer that people are actually interested in this process.

  2. McGehee Says:

    I expect turnout in ’06 to be lower than in ’98.

    And then the ’08 presidential election will be hyped at least as much as this one, and we’ll have 109% turnout.

  3. Burt Says:

    Left the house at 7:10 got to the polls at 7:15. actually had to wait for a few minutes. Back at home and drinking another cup of coffee by 7:25. I was #33 on the electronic counter. God, I love Wyoming.

  4. Steve Malynn Says:

    O dark 30 is 0330 military time (not the plush easy life at 0630).

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