9:10 PM Eastern

Big news from Florida. Broward County is mostly in, and Bush still leads statewide handily. Palm Beach is still zero, but it’ll take a huge number to overcome Bush’s lead. None of the Bush-loving Panhandle counties are in yet (correction: Walton County is mostly in, but it has a very small permanent-resident population; Bay, Okaloosa, and Escambia are the real players). I think Bush going to win the state by three to five percentage points, outside the “margin of litigation.”

Now it’s about Ohio.

Jim Bunning has pulled slightly ahead in Kentucky.

Very important race here: the 12th District Circuit Court election in Coffee County, Alabama. (Okay, it’s only important because one of my old roommates is running. Go Paul!).


9 Responses to “9:10 PM Eastern”

  1. Gary Says:

    Thats the best line I have seen “Margin of litigation”. I hope all those lawyers have a plan B

  2. Will Collier Says:

    It’s not mine, Gary. Been reading that phrase for a few months now, here and there.

  3. richard Says:

    copngrats, you’re doing great… on par with the big CNN, Yahoo, continue, good luck for the night!!!

  4. Nick Says:

    Missouri is split 50/50 with 7% reporting… should it be that close?

  5. Will Collier Says:

    That number is too small, Nick. Can’t tell diddly from that sample.

  6. Nick Says:

    Florida exit poll theory… everyone is big on exit polls there. But a lot of voters are hispanic, Cubans. They come from places where you don’t say how you voted, you don’t say what you think or you’ll pay consequences.

    Sure they’re now in the U.S…. but how many of those memories and feelings might translate to them not answering exit polls, or not answer them honestly?

  7. Gary Says:

    It is still the best line….I have been trying to stay current with all my reading but there is only so much time a man cak F—OFF on company time!!!

  8. scott Says:

    Quick impressions from a first-time poll worker in precinct 19-B in Columbus, Ohio—-

    Turnout was Un-forkin’-believable! I was told that normal for this precinct is about 60% to 65%- today we got 90% (917 of the 1021 registered voters in the precinct.)

    Two hour waits all day long- and nobody complained! The voters would get a somewhat incredulous look when they saw the lines- but they lined up just the same! In fact, I only saw two people turn around and leave- and at least one of them came back later in the day. The polls officially closed at 7:30, and we finished our last voter at 8:35. We heard reports when we finished at 9:00 pm that some precincts still had a 1 hour wait to vote.

    Typical comments I heard from voters…

    “I’ve never had to wait more than 5-10 minutes to vote here before today.”

    “I’m a first-time voter- can you help me out?”

    “Have you been working all day?”

    And best of all– many, many people simply said, “Thank you for doing this job…”– and you could tell that they were sincere.

    I was told that Gore carried this precinct in 2000 by about a 55-44 margin… Kerry beat Bush by a slightly stronger percentage today- call it 59-40(Badnarek got 5 votes, Peroutka got 2).

    Overall, I really enjoyed working today… I was way too busy to even think about how long of a day it actually was.

  9. rosignol Says:

    Anyone have any clue as to what’s going on in Pennsylvania? The pre-election polls had it neck-and-neck, but with ~20% reporting, Kerry is way ahead, as in 65/35. What’s going on?


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