Don’t Let The Door Hit You In The Butt…

If you’re still looking for a reason to vote for Bush, consider this: You’ll be raising the national I.Q. by running this pack of morons out of the country.


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  1. Jonny Says:

    na na na na.
    na na na na.
    hey hey hey.

    and good riddance.

  2. Robert Bidinotto Says:

    I hereby dub these traitors “Pierre Salinger Democrats.”


  3. Fred Z Says:

    Don’t you dare send us another boatload of lefty a*****es. We got stuck with your Vietnam draft dodgers and our country went bad.

    You won’t take our beef, we won’t take your pigs.

  4. Carin Says:

    Promises, promises …

  5. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Stephen Green
    RE: Promises….Promises….

    What a bunch of blow-hards.

    Alec Baldwin is still living here, last I heard. He promised to leave after Bush won in 2000.


    [The liar’s punishment is not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else. — George Bernard Shaw]

    P.S. Rounds complete…..

  6. Cybrludite Says:

    There a place where I can kip in on airfare for these goat-feltching fucktards?

  7. Will Collier Says:

    To: Chuckle
    RE: Reading Is Fundamental

    Chuck, for Zod’s sake, START READING THE BY-LINES ON POSTS!

    (Sorry, tension-breaker, had to be done.)


  8. Carl Says:

    Better yet, let’s just be sure the Bush gets sacked. He is an ignorant, arrogant right-wing nutcase. His vision: perpetual war against people with “evil hearts”… and he is turning hearts against him faster than he can kill people in Iraq and elsewhere. He’d fit right into the 12th century – ah, those were the days… -Carl

  9. Nick Says:

    What we do if we’re disappointed tells more about us than if we get everything we want.

  10. Ron Says:

    Ah yes, Carl, let’s bring back those glorious days where you sit on your fat ass at my expense. Democrats never lie and only take blowjobs in office as part of more meaningful adultery. Peace and nirvanna without end as we sweep the blood of our children from the streets. My 9 year old can do better than you.

    I have a plan for you, Carl. Move to Canada where you can truly enjoy the advantages of socialism.

  11. Robert Says:

    I volunteer to help those twits pack. Hell, if enough of them leave California, that state may return to sanity.

  12. DanO Says:

    I’m still waiting for them all to make good on their promise to leave four years ago. What a bunch of stinking liars!

  13. mmurray821 Says:

    If an actor talks politics, does anyone care?

    P.S. please go this time Alex. We hate your stupid ass and your really bad acting.

    P.S.S. Alex, I loved watching you die in Team America.

  14. Coyote Says:


  15. Phil Says:


  16. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Will
    RE: Ooops

    My apologies.


    [I need some more, and stronger, coffee. Been up since a bit after midnight.]

  17. V-Man Says:

    Move to Canada?

    What makes you think we want them, eh?

    (Seriously, we got enough problems up here without yet more self-rightous left-wingers.)

  18. Kim Jong Il Says:

    You are useress, Arec Bardwin!!!

  19. Will Allen Says:

    The suffocating self-absorbtion these nitwits suffer with almost makes me feel sorry for them. Almost. The must actually believe that someone outside of their mama gives a bucket of warm spit regarding their future plans. Stay, go, but please, please, please, just shut your gaping pie-hole.

  20. Kathleen A Says:

    See ya. Don’t let the door hit ya where the dog shoulda bit ya.

  21. gb_in_ga Says:

    Personally, I’d be satisfied if they did one of 2 things:

    A> Leave.
    B> STFU.

    Either one works for me. Both would also work. Personally, I’m sick and tired of listening to the whining.

  22. Michael Says:

    My guess is that if Bush wins, the first Ex-Pat will be Theresa buying a French residence to replace the one she and her gigolo sold.

    Maybe they can buy one with enough rooms to house all their ‘friends’?

  23. Carl Says:

    War-mongers rule! Let’s keep up the republican tradition: spend all the money, write ourselves tax-free-passes, and create new generations of terrorists by bombing the homes and families of the villages where they hide! It feels good!

  24. Sandy P Says:

    No, Redford wouldn’t be moving to Canada, he’d move to Cuba to be close to his good friend Fidel.

  25. Just One Bite Says:

    The only way we know how

    Hmm, I wonder if Australia might have extended political asylum to Americans after a Bush victory if Latham had won. How about under Howard if Kerry does? Not that I intend to leave my country as a result of the…

  26. Cheney W. Halliburton Says:

    Karl, you’re not fooling anybody. Everybody knows you’re just trying to fire up the Bush voters to make sure they don’t sit out the election.

    Besides, nearly everyone here has already voted.

  27. hlr Says:

    First, I admit I wouldn’t really miss these guys too much, at least for their political views.

    But it saddens me that Bush is the first president who has seriously made me question my faith in this country. Bush has turned our foreign policy values upside-down, and the world increasingly loathes us. He tells us that we won’t adjust to the terrorists, but that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’ve thrown away 225 years of American foreign policy, and the changes neither are wise nor have been at all well-implemented. Iraq was not involved in terrorism against America. Mohamed ElBaradei of the IAEA told us BEFORE the invasion that Saddam’s nuclear program was defunct. Iraq should not have been a top priority, and we CERTAINLY should not have impatiently, preemptively, unilaterally invaded the place at a time like this. Al-Qaeda was present in dozens of countries on 9/11/01, but according to the State Department, not in Iraq. Now the place is a prime breeding grounds for anti-American terrorists. Simply a horrible strategy. We’re setting up a large bank account in the Middle East for anti-American anger from which anti-American terrorists can continue to draw for decades in trying to recruit our enemies. Have we improved homeland security? A bit, but nowhere near as much as we should have. Has the world cracked down on al-Qaeda? Of course, but largely in spite of Bush’s beligerent attitude toward the world, not as a result of anything he’s done. And because of our foreign policy, particularly Iraq, al-Qaeda has now morphed into something new and equally dangerous. It’s less heirarchical, more organic, but just as motivated. It’s hard to attack America. We’ve got two oceans east and west, and two close allies north and south. Plus, al-Qaeda historically doesn’t launch large attacks very often. The first WTC attacks occurred nearly a decade before 9/11. It’s not easy to judge the job we’re doing on terrorism, and since it’s not, some people allow Bush to fill in those blank spaces with his blustry rhetoric and claims of success. But he’s highly misleading, and the policies of this country are neither making us safer, nor feasible (too expensive), nor American in character.

    So as much as I hate to semi-agree with this lunatic fringe, I share at least part of their sentiments.

  28. Will Allen Says:

    hlr, I stopped reading your post after I came to the whopper regarding Iraq not being involved with terrorism against the U.S.. Where do ya’ ‘spose the guy who tried to topple the Twin Towers in ’93 found sanctuary? Wisconsin?

    If you oppose the action in Iraq, fine, make the case, but don’t make the absurd assertion that giving sanctuary to people who blow up office buildings on American soil doesn’t constitute being involved with terrorism against the United States. It really is a very, very, silly thing to say.

  29. Bret Says:

    Well, I was going to vote for Kerry, but if these people would actually leave, maybe I will vote for Bush…

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