Everything That Goes Around…

The exit-poll hysteria is cutting both ways. Check this out from Polipundit:

A guy at my office works the phones for the Kerry Northwest campaign (Washington, Oregon, etc.).

Their people are freaking out over exit polls indicating Kerry tied or losing in Oregon.


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  1. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Stephen Green
    RE: Interesting Report

    “Their people are freaking out over exit polls indicating Kerry tied or losing in Oregon.” — Stephen Green citing a report

    But, maybe they realize that the North Koreans are developing a missile that will deliver those nukes to their doorstep. And Kerry, living and working on the East Coast, iis not likely to particularly worried for them.



  2. Crank Says:

    How do you have exit polls for people who voted by mail?

  3. Aaron Hood Says:

    The campaign is OVER….I think its funny how they could “do something” at this hour if polls are low in a certain state!

  4. Downtown Lad Says:

    Exactly. Oregon votes by mail, they can’t have exit polls.

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  5. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Crank & Downtown Lad
    RE: Okay

    “Oregon votes by mail, they can’t have exit polls.” — both of em

    Things are never as good or as bad as initially reported.

    However, what’s the chance that the report is not about exit polls? Maybe the people at Polipundit were confused when they go the report and assumed it was about exit polls?

    Perhaps the Kerry people are freaking over actual numbers being reported to them….

    …wishful thinking, perhaps. But I’d like to check it out. However, in a few hours we’ll know one way or another.



  6. Oregun-ian Says:

    Oregon votes by mail, and has been for two weeks now. Half vote early, the other half “vote” today. (vote = deliver your signed ballot to the delivery spot). The exit pollsters are there lurking behind bushes, asking what your vote was. I, like 65% of all Oregun’ians, lie to their face. “Who, me? I voted for the Nader/Limbaugh ticket!!”

  7. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Oregun-ian
    RE: Okay

    Thanks for that information. I was ignorant.

    However, what are the chances that the Kerry staffers are getting information about the real votes being tallied?

    THAT could cause their ‘freaking’.



  8. Nahanni Says:

    Is interesting that you mention that.

    I had a discussion with an Oregonian who was a hardcore Deaniac who was “freaking out” that the NKoreans could hit him with nukes. I asked him who he was going to vote for and he said Kerry. I pointed out to him that Kerry wants to GIVE the NK’s nuke fuel and kiss their butts just like Clinton did. He got real quiet after that and would not discuss either the presidential race or the NK’s anymore. My guess is that he has been so brainwashed by his Deaniac/Mooreon friends and just stuck his head in the sand.

  9. Oregun-ian Says:

    No doubt from the Portland area…they don’t call it little Beruit for nothing.

    You are either liberal or very liberal….or you just stick your head in the sand.

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