Fast Break

Lots and lots of new states closing the polls and results pouring in. Stand by, I’m collating…

Electoral count (per Fox): Bush 77, Kerry 66. Fred Barnes points out that no states have swapped parties from 2000 thus far.

Bush has been consistently ahead in Virginia, but the vote count is still relatively low, in the 25% range right now. Same applies for South Carolina. Early results from New Hampshire show Bush leading, but the totals are tiny. Republicans are running ahead in the senate races in the Carolinas.

18% of the vote in for Florida, and Bush is leading very handily. I expect the Panhandle counties to count the vote quickly; most use very accurate and quick-tallying optical scan ballots. It’ll take longer to get in the military absentees in those counties, but that vote will almost certainly be heavy for Bush.

UPDATE: Weird. Now Fox is showing Kerry leading in electoral votes, 77-74. Did they take a state back? Typo? A mistake earlier? Hellifino.

Crap. Satellite dish just went out again. (Back now.)

17 Responses to “Fast Break”

  1. Garrett Says:

    “Stand by, I’m collating…”

    You go Data :p

  2. Will Collier Says:

    Crap, Garrett caught me…

  3. chris Says:

    Me ol’ Virginnie… Still in play??? Say it ain’t so. Say it ain’t so….

    Lovettsville, NoVA

  4. k.s-c Says:

    hmm… funny CNN shows kerry 77, bush 66….

  5. Gary Says:

    per Fox Kerry 77 Bush 66 ….still early!!!

  6. Chris M Says:

    CBS called SC for Bush

  7. Bryan Lovely Says:

    funny CNN shows kerry 77, bush 66….

    That’s because CNN has called a bunch of states that have 0% of precincts reporting. Presumably on the strength of tea leaves or dove entrails (although I don’t doubt that they’re mostly going to be right).

    On the other hand, Fox is being much more conservative with how they call states.

  8. MarkD Says:

    Jersey called immediately, Bush states too close to call, nothing to counter the worrying exit polls, (kerry leading where Iraq is the number 1 issue, even where terrorism is)

    I still have a very bad feeling about this.

  9. Sandy P Says:

    MS for Kerry????

  10. Gary Says:

    Mark …with Almost 2 million votes counted in florida….Bush 55% Kerry 45%…..don’t be discouraged!!!!!!

  11. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Will Collier
    RE: Florida Absentee Ballots

    “It’ll take longer to get in the military absentees in those counties…” — Will Collier

    Actually, absentee military, who do not reside in the state for reasons of duty, do not have a county. Their ballots, last time I was one of them, are sent to the Secretary of State to be processed. Not a county election commission.


    P.S. That was 15 years ago for me.

  12. The Parson Says:

    I don’t mind if no states swap. As a minister, I’m opposed to swapping anyway (heh, heh). Really, if everything stays the same, Mr Bush takes it with 278, and that’s cool by me.

  13. Wil Says:

    CNN calls as soon as possible if it is good news for Kerry.

    Fox waits to call a bit longer, but are marginally more accurate when they do – (not as many reversals).

    Be patient – nothing you will get earlier than 9:30 will mean much…

  14. Will Collier Says:

    Chuck, they do go to the counties now. My brother and sister-in-law vote in Bay County (but live in Germany right now).

  15. Becky in Ohio Says:

    Clooney just conceded in KY…
    Many still in line in northern counties in OH, mostly Columbus…
    Funny, the streaming results on the local station are different than the offical Ohio site… (I am watching the ABC affiliate).

  16. Mike in Penn's Woods Says:

    Some Sout-east PA exurbs have 4 hour lines at this point. Those people will not get to cast those votes until AFTER midnight ET. Pennsylvania will be CLOSE

  17. The Jawa Report Says:

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    Earlier I declared tonight to be Rated R at the Jawa Report. “Not so fast,” say the Muses of the blogosphere, “why not go for broke with the Unrated Version of My Pet Jawa?” “Aha!” says I to the Muse,…

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