Get Ready

The polls close in Pennsylvania and the Florida Panhandle in 20 minutes. This thing is about to start getting serious.

NRO reports the Democrats are going to court to try and keep the polls open late in Ohio.

Michael Barone says Bush is getting slightly greater numbers in industrial cities in Indiana and Kentucky than he gained in 2000. Interesting to see if that is echoed in neighboring Ohio.

Jim Bunning has cut the margin to 4 points, with 51% of the vote in.

What the… Yahoo is reporting results from Florida. They’re not from the Panhandle–polls don’t close there for another 10 minutes.

Somebody has messed up; but Bush is leading in this count (real or not) 56-43.

Phew. Lawsuit filed in New Orleans to keep the polls open. I love NOLA, but it’s the most corrupt city in the nation, particularly in terms of vote fraud.

The lack of hard numbers is having a very deleterious affect on the discussions so far. Lots and lots of supposition, very little of it either interesting or enlightening.

Fox picks New Jersey for Kerry. Surprised to see that call this early. Bush projected for Tennessee and Oklahoma, Missouri too close to call.


18 Responses to “Get Ready”

  1. Aaron Hood Says:

    Lines were VERY long in Columbus Ohio, ALL over the city.

  2. alan Says:

    Early returns from florida

  3. Chris S. Says:


  4. Aaron Hood Says:

    Bush up 15 with 7% reporting? I have no idea if this is has ANY meaning at all…

  5. Becky in Ohio Says:

    I have believed this from day 1: Ohio is going to be this elections Florida.
    BTW, lines in SW Ohio (Bush Country) were 2-3 hours long at some locations. But nobody saw any Michael Moore camerapeople…

  6. Aaron Hood Says:

    Wont happen Becky…. Our courts are not a liberal cess-poll like floridas

  7. Aaron Hood Says:

    Plus… not one person voting for Bush will go home early… dont forget Ohio has a gay mariage amendment on the ballot as well… Now wonder there were such long lines in south eastern ohio

  8. Gene Hoffman Says:

    Florida numbers are coming from the FL department of state:

    Ohio also has numbers posted:

  9. Garrett Says:

    Aaron, I hope you are right!

  10. Garrett Says:

    Hey bub, no stealing my moniker. πŸ™‚

  11. Remy Logan Says:

    USAToday is reporting FL results by county, just click on the FL map. It’s looking good for Bush right now.

  12. ahem Says:

    New Orleans corrupt? I live in Chicago and can look forward to voting until well into the 22nd century!

  13. David [.net] Says:

    I was born in New Orleans and left when I was 12. I assume they’ve got my vote covered.

    I once put an attorney on retainer in NOLA. To be specific, an assistant district attorney.

  14. Garrett Says:

    ’tis my name.

  15. David [.net] Says:

    Come on, I’ve got a problem online with too many Davids, but too many Garretts???

  16. Garrett Says:

    But are all the Garretts voting for Bush? We, or I, can only hope.

  17. Garrett Says:

    I guess at least you an I are. πŸ™‚

    Or I would have had I not screwed up switching my registration from one county to another. The good news is I live in Texas so it didn’t make much difference except a very minor tick in the popular vote.

  18. Son of a Sailor Says:

    Having grown up and lived most of my life in N.O. I know it is the northern most Carribean city.However our state is going for BUSH and is about to elect our first Republican senator in David Vitter.We are moving in the right direction! After all we now have three of our former insurance comissioners and one former govnenor in Florida prisons! Oh, I hope that felons can’t vote in Fla.

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