I’ve Heard “Vote Early,” But This Is Ridiculous

Drudge reports that the cheating began really, really early in Philly (updated):

Before voting even began in Philladelphia — poll watchers found nearly 2000 votes already planted on machines scattered throughout downtown… One incident occurred at 2601 N. 11th St., Philadelphia, Pa: Ward 37, division 8… pollwatchers uncovered 4 machines with planted votes; one with over 200 and one with nearly 500… A second location, 1901 W. Girard Ave., Berean Institute, Philadelphia, Pa, had 300+ votes already on 2 machines at start of day… INCIDENT: 292 votes on machine at start of day; WARD/DIVISION: 7/7: ADDRESS: 122 W. Erie Ave., Roberto Clemente School, Philadelphia, Pa.; INCIDENT: 456 votes on machine at start of day; WARD/DIVISION: 12/3; ADDRESS: 5657 Chew Ave., storefront, Philadelphia, Pa… Developing…

No wonder Ed Rendell has been so cocky lately.

UPDATE: Whoa. This just added to Drudge’s crawl on this story:

A gun was purposely made visible to scare poll watchers at Ward 30, division 11, at 905 S. 20th St., Grand Court. Police were called and surrounded the location… Developing…


13 Responses to “I’ve Heard “Vote Early,” But This Is Ridiculous”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Where’s his info coming from? There’s no local news source that has it. I think they use touch screens in Philadelphia County now, so how’d those votes get on there?

  2. Stephen Says:

    Any chance these are “left over” votes, either from testing or a past election? When I voted this morning, they had “zero vote totals” posted outside to show they’d cleared the machines before opening the polls. So maybe the workers went in, cleared the machines of old votes, and opened the polls. I’m not certain this proves any wrongdoing. If I was in charge of the machines, in light of the last election, I certainly wouldn’t reset the machines until absolutely necessary… that is, this morning. I wouldn’t want to be accused of destroying evidence from a past election.

  3. JOe Says:

    I fear a long day.

  4. kevin Says:

    why is this shocking to anyone. Philadelphia has more registered voters than actual inhabitants of legal voting age. They are just waiting to find out how many votes they “need”. Philly is corrupt thru and thru.

  5. The LLama Butchers Says:

    LIVE LLAMA BLOGGING–Election Day 2004–Morning

    10:22 AM I SEE DEAD PEOPLE….VOTING The shennanigans start early in the city of brotherly love. 10:16 AM I wonder if this will give Mikey Moore second thoughts about his newfound fan in Pakistan…. Paiging Ms. Morrissette, Ms. Alanis Morrissette,…

  6. Seppo Says:

    Philly routinely has a minimum of 50,000 stolen votes, even in off-year elections. Within the last ten years a state senator was caught adding to his own vote totals, and the only remarkable thing about it was that he was caught. All the good-govt types just avert their eyes, Philly politics is just incredibly corrupt. Vote padding is just a tactic in local ward power struggles for influence and $$$
    The Repubs start with a large disadvantage in any statewide race, they have to have huge wins elsewhere to counter. It appears they won’t get the totals they need this year.
    Despite it all, the Dems will still whine about disenfranchised minorities etc. Rendell is just a product of that whole culture

  7. Patrick Says:

    Speaking of “disenfranchised minorities”, guess who lives in all of those places noted by Drudge.

  8. johnb Says:

    Years ago my mother was a precinct committee woman outside Chicago. Their corruption was so bad the Donkeycrat Party appointed the Donkeycrat and GOP poll watchers for each precinct. The ballot boxes were carted off not by city officials but by Donkeycrat Party officials. The vote totals were dependent upon the numbers needed by the Donkeys in statewide races, it had nothing do to with the actual vote totals from the voters in each precinct. While both parties are guilty of some vote fraud, in the grand scheme of things, the GOP’ers are jaywalking while the Donkeys are raping goats on the courthouse steps.

  9. Scott Says:

    Is there some kind of law that allows federal oversight of elections in terminally corrupt jurisdictions, such as Philly, Detroit, and DC? If there isn’t, there should be.

  10. Albertgator Says:

    Ah, but we have international observers this year and that will make it OK. Don’t fret yourself.

  11. jay Says:

    It was widely rumored in 2000 that massive fraud in Philly (and to a lesser extent the ‘burbs) pulled Gore over the top. Given that Pennsylvania has deadlocked in the last few days, look for anything there–in fact, this state will be 2004’s Florida.

    Look for Ohio and Florida to be relatively straightforward compared to the Keystone State.

  12. Redsugar Muse Says:

    Clicking my heels together

    Ugh. I want to go home and hide with my blanket, my dog, a bottle of wine, and the remote. I can

  13. Ilsa Says:

    This morning in Mountain View, CA, the woman in front of me almost had a meltdown because a candidate was already selected for her on the Touchscreen voting machine. The poll volunteers quickly rectified it.

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