Kentucky Surprise?

Kentucky Republican Senator Jim Bunning is running 10 points behind with 30% of the vote counted. He could be in very serious trouble, and that would be a considerable upset and big surprise.

Bush is safe in Kentucky, leading 56-43. Fox has called the state for him.

UPDATE: Virginia is being labeled as “too close to call,” but only 1% of the returns are in. Fox calls West Virginia for Bush.

I don’t have access to Steve’s little map thingie; it’ll have to wait until he gets back.

Virginia’s vote count just doubled (to 2%), and Bush jumped into a lead. Meaningless numbers until it gets towards 50%. Looks like George Clooney’s father (D) is going to lose his House race in Kentucky.

Bush is staying way ahead in the national popular vote (57-42), but obviously lots and lots of states and votes are yet to be counted. Extremely slow count updates from both South Carolina and Virginia so far.

In the comments, Frank Martin suggests that massive turnout is slowing down the vote count. He’s probably right.


11 Responses to “Kentucky Surprise?”

  1. Becky in Ohio Says:

    I work in KY, live in SW Ohio. Bunning didn’t show to ANY of the debates that he was invited to, and never really gave an explanation as to why. He may have made his own bed, so to speak. Rumors abounded about his health…

  2. Chris M Says:

    I really hope this turns around, This Bunning guy is killing me!

  3. Frank Martin Says:

    Turnout is effecting the ability to project. There are so many votes its swamped the normal reporting systems.

  4. MartiniPundit Says:

    I’m a little jealous of Steve’s map thingie too. But not nearly as jealous as the photoshop-savvy MartiniGirlfriend is.

  5. Loweeel Says:

    Bunning’s closed the gap to 6%, with just an additional 5% reporting. Which is the trend, and which is the statistical noise?

  6. Garrett Says:

    I think Frank is right as well. I’ve been increasingly skeptical over the last week or so that we would know tonight who the winner is, barring a suprise landslide either way.

    I just don’t think the voting infrastructure was prepared for such a high turnout.

  7. Chris M Says:

    See Bunning at 46% almost 8% behind with 37% of votes in, so far not good.

  8. Aaron Hood Says:

    Its not noise. A 6% sample is very biased, unlessed is spread evenly through out the state.

  9. Aaron Hood Says:

    Its not noise. A 6% sample is very biased, unlessed is spread evenly through out the state.

  10. chris Says:


    Dude, re: the last post. She’s willing to catch a cab, right?

  11. Xixi Says:

    He’d be making her walk home if this was something important like a football game.

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