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… is a great time to go vote if you’re on Eastern time. I waited less than five minutes (Smyrna, GA). The poll workers, who were uniformally polite, professional, friendly, and scrupulous about checking I.D.’s, told me that the wait had been more than an hour for most of the morning, but had tapered off since around 9:30AM. They’re expecting it to pick up again around 2PM.


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  1. Vince Says:

    I waited two hours this morning in North Fulton County. When I arrived at 7:30 there were close to 300 people in line ahead of me. A few tempers flared but for the most part everyone felt like this was to be expected.

  2. A.D. Says:

    That’s funny; I live in Roswell. Lines were pretty long on my way to work (in Vinings). Plan to head home around 3pm and try to catch a lull.

  3. gb_in_ga Says:

    I’m right next door, also in Cobb County, over in the “No Man’s Land” area that is sorta between Marietta, Austell and Mableton. Marietta address, but they were stretching it. Generic suburbia. Anyway, I got in line at 7:30 this AM, the wait was 1 1/2 hours, the line was only half as long when I got through. My polling location sounds a lot like yours — orderly, polite, and they did check ID’s.

  4. Jeremy Says:

    While I don’t live in anything close to a battleground state (NY), I found it still odd that when I asked if they would like to see any identification, they said that it wouldn’t be necessary. Is this just a difference in election law?

  5. Aaron Hood Says:

    Columbus, Ohio Update

    I waited 1.5 hours, from 8:30 – 10:00

    I saw 5 people assigned to a

  6. 2b Says:


  7. Will Collier Says:

    Jeremy, ID requirements vary vastly from state to state. Alabama does not have an ID requirement (which is one reason why my home state has one of the worst reputations in the country for vote fraud), but Georgia does. New Mexico’s AG arbitrarily threw out his state’s ID requirement this year, saying it could be “intimidating.”


  8. wRitErsbLock Says:

    report from Orlando: my co-worker said that the woman in front of her in line to vote complained to a poll worker because another man in line was wearing a Bush tee-shirt. The poll worker said people can wear whatever they like, but workers cannot.
    Stupid people. When last I checked, this was still a free country. Then again, this is Florida.

  9. John Warfin Says:

    The lines at Roswell when my precinct opened were an hour and a half. By the time I went out, they had abated to about an hour (I timed the line by the landmarks it passed). It has never been like this since I’ve started voting. Never.
    I think the marriage amendment is drawing a lot of people as well as the presidential election.


  10. Bush2004 Says:

    I worked the polls this morning as a volunteer in a wealthy area of Northern Virginia. I was handing out sample ballots, and it was possible to get a feel for how people intended to vote – although not scientific and with a margin of error for politeness and show for friends/neighbors etc.

    While I have no prior experience and this was my first time voting in this area, I thought that the neighborhood would lean Kerry. But, I’m pleased to say that I think the polls are right – there is a slight edge for Bush.

    The young paid volunteer for another Repub candidate seemed to believe the area would go to the democrat – but he may have been referring to his own candidate. I detected a very slight edge for Bush. And I don’t think it was just wishful thinking either!

  11. kirdona Says:

    Since there are a lot of Georgians here….can anyone help me? I have been waiting on my voter registration card. I just moved here from AZ, and still have AZ photo ID. Is there any hope of me voting today with AZ ID and no voter card? I did get my registration in before the deadline…..

  12. Bush 2004 Says:

    oh…and from the comments from those who worked the precint many times before – the turnout was much, much greater than usual.

  13. gb_in_ga Says:


    You can vote provisional, they have provisions for that at the polling locations. The registrar has to validate within 2 days for it to count, though.

    I don’t know right off hand how you are supposed to know which polling location to go to. I guess you’d have to as a neighbor.

  14. aodhan Says:

    Here in blue country, Washington state, I was amused to have only a republican poll watcher.

    I was fuming to find that the workers were using /only/ voter cards for ID despite a hand out, clearly visible, that /specifically/ stated that voter cards were /not/ valid id.

    There’s no question the state will go for Kerry, but why make fraud easy?

  15. gb_in_ga Says:


    Oh, and I don’t know if the AZ id will do. There was a whole list of acceptable ID’s posted at my polling location, though. I’d bring along a utility bill of some sort, and I think you can sign an affidavit and then vote.

    Oh, I found the list, as of ’02:

    GA driver

  16. kirdona Says:

    got it……….thanks. I know the polling place because DH has his voter card. I’ll go with him with my AZ ID, SS card, utility bill. Can’t hurt, and he’s going anyway. GA is a red state, but I still want to vote. Thanks!

  17. ed Says:

    I did my duty on the way in to the office this am. I left the house at 7:10, to allow for the people who had lined up to get through. The line when I arrived was about 20 people. Took about 17 minutes to get through. The line was visably shorter when I left compared to when I arrived.


  18. Russ Goble Says:

    Up in Acworth, GA it took about 30 minutes at 10:15. I must have just beat the early lunch crowd. I was about 3 people out the door at my polling place when I got there and there was about 20-30 people out the door when I left. And I still don’t feel confortable voting with those electronic cards. They seem too easy to wipe out and/or lose. My boy liked the I’m a Georgia voter sticker though.

  19. Politickal Animal Says:

    Voted this morning in Conyers, GA (Rockdale County). Took less than an hour and everybody was polite, pleasant, painless. Go Bush!

  20. Go Bush Says:

    Voted this morning in Kennesaw, GA and waited about 45 minutes in “line”. It was nice because they just sat everybody down in the theater and called the rows by two’s to vote. Not standing up was nice for a change

  21. Declan Says:

    Voted today in Hoboken, NJ. I live directly next door to our polling station. I was in line for over an hour. I did have a couple behind me going on and on as to how Bush is CRAZY and how they told Gore in person (after he lost) that they voted for him in 2000. I have never seen this kind of turnout. Everyone was polite and professional.

    Sincerely hoping that NJ is a red state although I will not hold my breath.

  22. McGroarty Says:

    I just returned from the polling place. It was pretty empty. I didn’t have to wait to vote, and there were even open parking spaces right by the door.

    Where I live in Chicago, there are Kerry/Edwards and Obama signs up and down my street. However, according to the list at the polling place, there were only two registered voters among us. Despite all that signage, one or two people are going to make a decision for all these others.

    Remember, folks — in the end, action always wins out over words.

    Get out there.

  23. David in Atlanta Says:

    I waited for over 2 hours to vote this morning in the East Lake neighborhood of the City of Atlanta. The voter turnout was incredible. If I remember correctly, I only waited about 30 minutes at the same precinct around the same time of day to vote in the 2000 election.

    When I left, shortly after 10am, the line was still out the door and down the street. My neighborhood leans very heavily Democratic. As someone who wants Bush to lose, this seems like a good sign to me.

  24. Jim in Smyrna Says:

    Will, there was a 2-hour wait this morning at the Plant Atkinson Road polling station, and it’s so heavy here that trucks can’t get to the warehouse. We’re shutting down at 3:30 just so we don’t get trapped. Pics on my blog http://www.technochitlins.com

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