The Dow Gets Blogged, And Other Comments

The exit-poll controversy that erupted from Drudge and NRO in the mid-afternoon apparently whacked the stock market as well as VodkaPundit’s server, according to Reuters (yeah, I know).

Since then, just about everybody seems to be backing away from the mid-day exit numbers. Jonah Goldberg reports that the Pennsylvania for Kerry 60-40 number came “from the Kerry campaign,” but who knows.

I stand by my “full of crap” analysis for the time being, but even stuff that’s full of crap can have an impact in the real world…


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  1. mel Says:

    does anyone know where there will be republicans watching the election results in Md or dc.?

  2. rosignol Says:

    DC is the bluest place in the country- it’s a much more efficient allocation of watchers to let the Dems have DC’s 3 EV and concentrate on Maryland and Virginia.

  3. :: Political Musings :: Says:

    Election Day

    This will be a continual thread throughout the day. Looks as if I’ll get very little work done. Kathryn Lopez (K-Lo) at NRO says exit polls in Ohio are strong for Bush, 49-41. If that type of number holds up, it will be an early night. More late…

  4. Downtown Lad Says:

    The stock market will rally as long as their is a clear winner.

    My Blog – Downtown Lad

  5. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Stephen Green
    RE: Exit Polls….Smegxit Polls….

    I don’t worry much about such, as they are:

    [1] Predominantely taken in metro areas; read “liberal”.
    [2] Consequently they do not do well capturing rural, “conservative” data.
    [3] They do not take into account absentee ballots, as the absentees were not there to be queried. Florida is a classic example. There are so many servicemembers who claim residence in Florida that it is incredible. Has to do with not having to pay state income tax if you are not living there due to duty requirements.

    That’s why the exit polls were so far off during the 2000 election.

    It’s going to be a long night, especially if I can’t get access to any of the good sites, such as yours.



  6. Chuck Pelto Says:

    P.S. Fox News has a rather good interface for showing what’s going on. More importantly, they seem to be prepared to handle the traffic. Or, at least, I can get there a lot easier than most of the blogs I frequent.

  7. Steve the LB Says:

    How else was Soros going to make back the $26.65 M he donated to 527s?

  8. The LLama Butchers Says:

    LIVE LLAMA BLOGGING–Election Day 2004!

    5:36—Dinner time My thoughts on today’s fake exit polls causing a huge move in the financial and political futures markets: how the heck do you think Soros was going to get his $23,650,00 in campaign 527 donations back? Everyone’s noticing…

  9. Crank Says:

    Blogs in general are getting clobbered – even mine was down, Drum has been warning his is slow, Command Post was down. Traffic is too much to handle.

  10. Ambient Irony Says:

    One Thing’s For Sure

    After this, no-one’s going to trust exit polls ever again….

  11. Virgil Butler Says:

    Bloggers have the power to whack the stock market, huh? I knew that us bloggers were powerful, but this is just great, at least very interesting. Power to the people! LOL! 😉

  12. pandamagic Says:

    whats a blog??

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