The Whole World Wide Web Is Watching

This is really cool.

Tom Daschle, clearly in desperation mode, sued his opponent, John Thune, and the South Dakota Republican Party yesterday over GOP election observers in SD’s indian reservations (Thune was narrowly defeated in a 2002 Senate race after some very questionable late returns from the reservations). John Lauch of the Daschle v. Thune blog was in the courtroom and liveblogged the whole thing. Couple of tidbits:

So apparently Daschle couldn’t find anyone to say there were “intimidated” so they dragged in a Howard Dean supporter from Virginia who worked in Iowa who has been in South Dakota a day to complain about faces being made.

The judge raises the issue of live reports coming from the courtroom and ending up on some website. What an outrage!

Read it all. It’s a gas.

(Daschle lost the case, by the way, and badly–even though the judge is an old friend and political ally of his.)


5 Responses to “The Whole World Wide Web Is Watching”

  1. McGehee Says:

    Daschle lost the case, by the way, and badly

    Couldn’t have happened to a ncier schmuck.

  2. RandMan Says:

    Just another stunt by a Democrat to tar their opponents as racist. Simply reeks of desperation on Daschle’s part.

  3. Robert Says:

    Of course, NPR this morning spun it as “Republicans rebuffed in attempt to intimidate Indian voters in South Dakota.” Glad I missed their fundraising this year.

  4. Sandy P Says:

    The judge said the pubbies could’t write down license plates, right?

    What about phone cameras????

  5. colleen Says:

    The Christian nature of the comments on this site is intriguing to me. I can feel your family values oozing out.
    Now really, folks, wouldn’t it be somewhat sweet if the thune/daschle race was decided in court. At least you all would be on familiar ground. Remember bush 2000 in bed with the supreme court and florida folks.
    be the big compassionate people you claim to be and get over it.

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