When’s The First BlogLeak?

This will be the first presidential election of the Blogosphere Era. In the past, the MSM has managed to hold its exit polling numbers close to the vest until the polls closed (er, unless you’re talking about Florida four years ago). Can that veil of silence hold up this year, with thousands of bloggers pinging people up and down the media chain for leaks?

Who’ll be the first to leak exit polling numbers from, say, Ohio or Pennsylvania?

More interestingly, who’ll be spun with phony exit polling intended to suppress or boost the vote in one state or another?

Gonna be an interesting day…


4 Responses to “When’s The First BlogLeak?”

  1. Crank Says:

    How about, in the next election, who’s the first blog to conduct its own exit poll?

  2. Robert Says:

    Will the MSM remember that Florida straddles two (count ’em 2) time zones?

  3. Greg D Says:

    More importantly, what’s the interaction between exit polls and GoTV efforts? GoTV efforts big effect is that the check up on people in the early evening, and get them out to the polls.

    Exit polls are done in the morning.

    Therefore we can expect the exit polls to miss the effect of GoTV exercises, no?

  4. Outside The Beltway Says:

    Blogging the Election

    The Revolution Will Be Posted (NYT)

    Every four years, by journalistic if not political tradition, the presidential election must be accompanied by a “revolution.” So what transformed politics this time around? The rise of the Web log, or blog. The…

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