Wine Selection

Tonight’s bottle, for dinner and early return watching: Santa Cristina Sangiovese, 2002. Because it was the first thing I found in the cabinet.

Oh, and just for the record tonight: I’m not getting paid enough to listen to either Chris Lehane or Paul Begala. They show up, I change the channel.


11 Responses to “Wine Selection”

  1. Garrett Says:

    Jim Beam Black for me.

  2. Wil Says:


    ..and I add “a Tad too Devine” to the list.

  3. Crank Says:

    Devine is basically the dictionary definition of “tool.”

  4. Daniel Says:

    We’re sporting a 2002 Rock Rabbit Syrah. Excellent with the Thai Mint Buffalo and Arugula Salad. Simple, light(ish) and delicious. Cheers.

  5. American Mother Says:

    Should I have foo-foo pina coladas or margaritas? Nothing until I get home from Scouts…Go Bush (please God, Please!)

  6. andrea/pajama's/minnesota Says:

    is a case of beer and a carton
    of cigs enough?
    i hope MN shocks the nation for

  7. Chrees Says:

    The remaider of a Barbera we opened last night to start with. If returns go as promised, we’ll probably open something else too… keeping in mind tomorrow is an early morning for both of us. The real celebration blowout (food and wine) may have to wait for the weekend…

  8. bains Says:

    Tad Devine, Terry MacAuliffe, Ed Gilispie, Ann Coulter, and a number of others…

  9. bains Says:

    Ooh, and a very nice Oregon Pinot Noir.

  10. Steve Says:

    Lehane shows up, I run for the Dramamine…

  11. Pete The Elder Says:

    Wine Recommendations

    Vodkapundit had wine recommendations for todays election. My price range is a bit lower so I recommend Boone’s Farm Fuzzy Navel a Flavored Apple Wine Product. I bought a 25.4 oz bottle for $1.99 a few weeks ago and will…

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