All Apologies

Sorry for bailing on you folks (and Steve) so early in the evening. Technical difficulties like you would not believe; both my router and my cable modem croaked. Still playing catch-up, and on very little sleep at that.

Still. Bush won, and even Kerry’s lawyer army knows it by now. I expect a concession by dinnertime today at the latest.


8 Responses to “All Apologies”

  1. Declan Says:

    I cannot believe Kerry and Co. are doing this. Guess that ‘I will unite the country…’ was a COMPLETE load of b.s.

  2. John Irving Says:

    You just now figured that out Declan? Read the blog on Kerry’s campaign site, it reads like a “Best of DemocraticUnderground” contest.

  3. Declan Says:

    I couldn’t bear to ever surf there. I wanted to give these schmos the benefit of the doubt but, obviously, they will do anything. No shame. Cannot wait to get together with my raving liberal in-laws. The news about Thune has me giddy.

  4. John Irving Says:

    Tell me about it. . my girlfriends parents were deaniac during primary season, she’s moderate-left, my cousin and his wife are left-wing. . . no one I know here voted for Bush! So either I stay quiet, or I seem to be engaging in schadenfreud at their expense. . . feh.
    And my state went to Kerry. Double feh.

  5. Major John Says:

    You are forgiven Will. Vodkapundit was one of my only decent sources of election news here in Bagram. Thanks Will and Stephen!

  6. Will Collier Says:

    No, Major, thank you. And pass it on for us.

  7. Robert Says:

    Did anyone else see on Fox the shot of the Marines (Army?) watching Fox, in Fallujah? Very powerful scene, guys putting their lives on the line to bring democracy to yet another land while we sit safe and secure in our homes watching our own electon returns.

  8. gb_in_ga Says:


    My condolences to you about the passing of your router and cable modem. That was some T-Storm last night, it really rattled the rafters here, and if anything it looked like it may have picked up some strength just after it left here going towards you. Me? My router and DSL modem are both surge protected (both signal and power) as well as on UPS’s, I was covered.

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