Edwards is introducing Kerry. Very low-class speech; the guy is just making his pitch for 2008. Pathetic, undignified, and insipid. I think Edwards still believes he can win anything if he can just select a dumb enough jury.

Really, this is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen from a losing candidate. It’s a freakin’ stump speech. Al Gore was a tower of class compared to this. Hey, Edwards–you lost. Thank your supporters, credit your opponent, and shut the hell up.

Kerry is better. “The outcome should be decided by voters, not a protracted legal process… It is now clear… there won’t be enough outstanding votes for us to win Ohio… and we cannot win the election.” To the point, no whining. Well done.

He’s thanking his family and supporters now, and handsomely. Again, well done.

This is a very nice speech thus far. As Steve noted above, much more human than Kerry is under campaign circumstances. He’s thanking some young kids who raised nickels and dimes for him. A little hokey, but those kids will remember it for the rest of their lives. Why not?

A little more Kerry-ish towards the end here, “I’ll never stop fighting for you.” Kerry’s Senate record doesn’t suggest that he’s fought a whole heck of a lot for anything other than getting elected, but still, I’ll cut him some slack, because this is nice: “In an American election, there are no losers… because the next morning, we all wake up as Americans.”

Kerry calls for less rancor, asks his supporters to ‘try and bridge the partisan gap.’ I doubt that many of them will listen, but it’s still a creditable request.

Meandering now, hitting stump-speech talking points. I’d have stopped before rattling off this stuff.

Wraps it up with (gasp!) “God bless America.”

All in all, a good show from John Kerry; a disgraceful performance from John Edwards.


16 Responses to “Concession”

  1. Xixi Says:

    Edwards is self-aggrandizing trash.

  2. Charles Butler Says:

    Edwards sounded like one of those shyster lawyers on a late night TV ad – “We will fight for you!”… Wait, he is one of those shyster lawyers!

  3. Becky in Ohio Says:

    Yeah, AND don’t think that the DNC isn’t going to notice that he couldn’t bring in his home state for his partner…

  4. vox populi Says:

    John Edwards is the epitome of low class. We are very lucky that he is not next in line for the Presidency.

  5. Hollywood_Freaks Says:

    and those kids must be very disapointed.

    Those are the kids we need to keep in the political process. It would be easy for them to leave after doing so much work for what looks like nothing. Good for Kerry, what an excellent speech.

  6. Let's Try Freedom Says:

    More Post-Election Roundup

    Rounding up what the cool kids have to say…

  7. Garrett Says:

    Agree. I think Edwards pegged my icky-meter.

  8. Ferrethouse Says:

    Edwards was the wrong choice. Wesley Clark would have brought Arkansas, maybe Missouri, and maybe even Ohio given his military career and more centrist stances.

  9. Hogarth Says:

    Edwards: “I fought alongside this man for four months.”

    That’s about par for fighting alongside Kerry.

  10. Capt Smythe Says:

    Did you notice how Edwards took the polished, gentile sheen off his Southern-ese? He was HOPPING pissed. Man, that would be funny if it weren’t so repugnant. Classless, tacky, and most revealing yet also most damaging to his standing as a Southern Gentleman: graceless.

    Although I am going to miss the blogging smorgasbord that Terayzuh and Lynne would have provided.

    Oh, the bounty lost…

    Semper Fi,
    Capt Smythe

  11. Mike Howard Says:

    MM, I didn’t catch his speech, but from the comments I’ve read about it, I wonder if he’s thinking, “Gee, I hope Hillary will want me as her running mate.”

    I wonder who she’s going to pick.


  12. Casey Tompkins Says:

    Uh, Ferret? Us Ohioans ain’t stupid, and Clark is a major-league slimeball. Hell, he’s a worse ass-kisser than Edwards, and we have too many servicemen & -women from Ohio who wouldn’t touch that bastich with a cattle prod.

  13. jay Says:

    It speaks volumes about John Kerry that the chose this sleazy prick to be one heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

  14. Age Quod Agis Says:

    I had a very similar reaction to Edwards’s speech: it was pure political stump, devoid of any concession or grace. I just attributed it to the fact that he was gasping for political breath. Remember — he gave up his Senate seat to seek the Presidency (which he lost), and then to seek the Vice Presidency (which he lost). So Edwards doesn’t have a job in politics right now.

    His only hope of getting back into politics is to appeal to the base of the Democratic party and hope someone gives him an appointment or a speaking engagement or something over the next 4 years. He’s going to have to work hard to stay in the Democratic eye if he wants to have any chance for any public office in the future. Let’s face it — the political world runs through new faces faster than Joan Rivers. Only Hollywood has more “rising stars” that are completely forgotten about tomorrow.

    So his speech was designed to appeal to core Democrats, rather than appeal to a national audience. It’s an attempt to become an Al Gore or Max Cleland — whose jobs are now to deliver speeches and give performances aimed at the wide-left base — rather than an Erskine Bowls or Jeanne Shaheen — who are less likely to be in the national eye than to be knocking on your door with a suitcase full of vacuum cleaner attachments.

    On the other hand, Kerry’s speech was very nice. But I thought one thing was interesting — when he told the story about the kids collecting nickles and dimes for his campaign, my first thought was, “I wonder if that’s true?” Which probably says something about his credibility.

    It’s hard to take Kerry seriously after he accused Bush of having a “secret plan” to start up the draft, privatize social security, cut homeland security, cut veterans’ benefits, cut education spending, and even to do away with the Milk Income Loss Contract. And on the most important issue of the day — the war in Iraq — Kerry was about as steadfast as a carp trying to flap its way back into the water. When asked if he was President in 2003, would we would have gone to war with Iraq, even Kerry couldn’t tell us — “maybe,” he said. That’s absurd.

    When this election season is marked down for posterity, I think three images are going to be preserved for posterity: the Howard Dean scream-type-thing; the MSM, bouyed by McCain-Feingold, losing to the Swift Boat Vets and the bloggers; and Kerry explaining that he voted for the $87 billion [say it with me now] before he voted against it.

    And when the most lasting image of your candidate was one that makes the viewer wonder if even *he* believes what he’s saying, … well, that ain’t good.

  15. Greg D Says:

    I disagree with you, will, about the references to the kids. Kerry should be ashamed he took their money. The fact that he bragged about it in his speech was, to me, a mark of his lack of decency.

  16. Ahriman Says:

    Its Good Flop, Bad Flop :
    Edwards the attack dog and Kerry the sportsmanlike statesman.

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