Forty-Five Minutes

The Kerry campaign says they won’t have any statement before 10AM Eastern. The way the provisional ballots in Ohio are reportedly going, they could be getting ready to pull the plug.

Good for them, if so.

UPDATE: The AP’s Ron Fournier, who’s, er, not exactly a fan of the Bush Administration, reports:

Disheartened Kerry aides met to evaluate his options, with concession the talk of the day.

Nothing was settled or conceded in the first light of day, but Kerry faced a daunting task trying to deny Bush an electoral majority that was almost within reach. The Democrat’s campaign planned a statement by midday, advisers said. Two of them, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Kerry’s concession seemed simply a matter of time after one last look for uncounted ballots that might close the 136,000-vote advantage Bush held in Ohio.

Cue up the Roy Orbison. It’s over.

Mike Barnicle, appearing on Boston radio, reportedly says,

[T]he Kerry campaign will issue a “directional” statement this AM and that Kerry will give a concession speech this afternoon. This was based on his “discussions” with the Kerry folks, who Barnicle is tight with.

I’m assuming Barnicle didn’t crib that from George Carlin, of course…

15 Responses to “Forty-Five Minutes”

  1. Nick Says:

    I personally think Kerry ought to give up the ghost and not hold onto statistical improbabilities, and wishful thinking.

    Here are my Wrap Up Thoughts for anyone interested.

  2. Carl Keller Says:

    I heard Soros on the radio last week say that if George Bush won then he would enter a monastery. When questioned regarding some the people who said stuff like that in 2000, he said that he really would do it, but that it would be in an American monastary. Let’s keep our eyes on him and see if he follows up!

  3. tree hugging sister Says:

    The guys on FOX said he actually meant a moneystery.

  4. Bard Parker Says:

    Bush now up 13,821 in NM with 99% of the vote in(was 11,620 earlier). When is someone going to call it?

  5. daven Says:

    Let’s start a fund. All the whiners who are saying they want to leave the country can apply for a grant if they leave and renounce their citizenship.

    I’d love to donate to that.

  6. Ken Says:

    I love this idea. Let’s call it the “Vote With Your Feet Fund.” Problem is that the people who run around talking about leaving have no more intention of doing so than Kerry did of lowering taxes or being tough on terrorists. The signature characteristic of the left is their complete lack of the moral courage to walk their own talk.

  7. Patti Says:

    We Republicans here in OH have been saying since around midnight that it’s in the bag. We’re just waiting for Kerry to stop being delusional.

    Patti, who’s married to a former Republican county chairman.

  8. Carl Says:

    (I’ve had some sleep) I’m still convinced that they don’t call it so they can keep the political junkies attached to the tube for as long as possible. Kerry cannot possibly catch up in NM, Bush has been ahead all night. But, why won’t they call it? I keep being told the MSM is not biased, yeah, right.

  9. daven Says:

    Read the liberal blogs. They think the MSM is biased – for the Republicans. How delusional.

    One I read calls themselves the “reality-based community.” I wonder which reality?

    They really are hateful people.

  10. Becky in Ohio Says:

    This from the local news:

    Ken Blackwell (Sec. of State and a Republican) has officially said that there are 147K provisional ballots statewide. That is NOT after they check those ballots out and validate them. The official margin in Ohio is about 135K. Traditionally, in Ohio, when they count the provisional ballots, about 10% get tossed out for various reasons. That leaves, assuming that 10% sticks, about 132K provisional ballots to count. Kerry would have to get 100% of that provisional balloting to even force a recount. Recount is mandatory with a .5% difference.
    Locally, my parents are quite active in the county GOP. I have gotten called this morning asking if I would help out for anything coming down the pipe.
    Hamilton County (Cincinnati) is also looking to get contested. The write-in only race for county prosecutor has resulted in an abnormal number of votes being discarded becuase they weren’t done properly. Hamilton County is red…

  11. daven Says:

    Thanks becky. But we musn’t forget the absentee ballots that still need to be counted. I know in Florida they go mostly Republican.

    So, the margin may get wider still. that would be poetic justice.

  12. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Will Collier
    RE: Musical Choice

    Not a big fan of Roy.

    How about ELO’s It’s Over?



  13. Tim Gannon Says:


    I was hoping Ohio would be providing benefits for the No Lawyer Left Behind Act.

  14. DaveP. Says:

    Just in case someone didn’t get the word:

    AP, CNN are reporting that Kerry has called Bush and conceded.

    Game over, man…GAME OVER!

    “Kerry told Bush the country was too divided, the source said, and Bush agreed. “We really have to do something about it,” Kerry said according to the Democratic official.”– AP, via Instapundit

    Isn’t that like Mrs. O’Leary’s cow complaining that someone should go get an extinguisher?

  15. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Carl Keller
    RE: Yeah. But…

    “I heard Soros on the radio last week say that if George Bush won then he would enter a monastery.” — Carl Keller

    ….will he stay in his cell?



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