Last Gasp

Ann Althouse eloquently calls for Kerry to concede soon, and with as much grace as he can manage.

For whatever it’s worth, I think that’ll happen before too much longer, once Kerry and his inner circle have a chance to get some rest and come down from their campaign adrenaline. I’d have rather seen it last night, but given the press of emotions, expectations, and uncertainty, I can’t blame them too much for hanging on for a few hours.

But just a few. If Kerry hasn’t admitted defeat by tonight, he’ll land squarely in the sore-loser category for the rest of his life–and he’ll take Edwards there with him. That as much as anything tells me that we’re closer to the finish than the MSM is willing to admit this morning.


21 Responses to “Last Gasp”

  1. RandMan Says:

    I hope you and Prof. Althouse are correct. It’s wait and see time until then.

  2. Jack Tanner Says:

    Kerry concede gracefully?

    To quote ‘Do you know who I am?’

  3. The Parson Says:

    I hope so, but I’m not seeing it. Mr Kerry doesn’t give a damn about Mr Edwards’ future. I expect the Blues to drag it out a bit.

  4. Adam Says:

    I am so glad that I wasn’t sober enough to watch the elections last night.

    Sorry, had to say it somewhere, and I thought that this might be the most appropriate place 😀

  5. BillB from Says:

    I’d love to see it, but I think they’ve allied themselves with too much of the “Michael Moore left” to allow that to happen.

    Tilting at windmills is what these people are all about. Hope I’m wrong.

  6. Brett Says:

    Kerry is the Man Who Doesn’t Fall. Edwards is the Lawyer Who Doesn’t Lose.

    Bad juju.

  7. Mike M Says:

    Kerry has to concede. We’re not talking Florida-like margins of victory here, and it looks like there isn’t anything to challenge in court. The election went off more smoothly that anyone was expecting, if Kerry tries to slime it with legal challenges he’ll go down as one of the most petty and dishonorable politicians in US history.

    Especially with Bush’s solid popular vote lead, Kerry really doesn’t have any legitimate avenues of attack.

    Hey, he can always get a job as Senate minority leader…

  8. Hogarth Says:

    Even if Kerry does concede, I fully expect to hear in ten years or so from now how “he saved America from terrorism when he was elected president in 2004.” The man’s tenuous grip on reality ain’t gonna go away.

  9. Franco Says:

    Kerry and Edwards have already shown they have no class, even if they concede now it’s too late. As to Edwards future, he has none in politics. He was on a losing ticket and he didn’t contribute a thing. His role was outsourced to Bruce Springsteen. Pathetic!

  10. Xixi Says:

    The mainstream media must be held accountable for their bias.

  11. daven Says:

    You all have it wrong. It is not up to Kerry or Edwards to concede. Look at the following:

    Who was with kerry last night – Kennedy

    Who has Kerry modeled himself after – Kennedy

    Who’s Chief of Staff is Mary Beth Cahill – Kennedy

    Who was the biggest senate flack for Kerry – Kennedy

    Which family is Bob Schrum, Kerry’s campaign manager, a close friend of – Kennedy

    Kerry won’t concede until Kennedy tells him to. He was pulling the strings all along.

  12. Amok Says:

    “I actually WON the election before I lost it”

  13. Will Collier Says:

    Daven, that’s why they’re going to concede this morning. Kennedy is quite willing to throw Kerry over the side if he thinks that’ll help the Democrats in the next election. Once he’s convinced this one can’t be won (and he should know as much by now), he’ll be telling Kerry to concede.

  14. daven Says:

    We’ll see. Personally I think Kerry would concede. I think Kennedy will want to drag it out. He is a deluded icon of the hard left and doesn’t want them to feel like the party didn’t do everything they could to bring it out.

    Read some lib blogs. Full of hatred and convinced that the “Rethugs” cheated to victory. Conceding will only turn them away.

    I hope they do drag it on. Won’t change the result but it will hasten the decline of the Democratic party.

  15. daven Says:

    The mainstream media is being held accountable for their bias. Major decline in the circulation of newspapers, major decline in viewership of the MSM news shows.

    Ascenscion of the radio talkers (Rush is just one of MANY), the bloggers, the conservative cable shows. Major sales of conservative books.

  16. Ben Says:

    Ya know, I am not so sure. Kerry has shown that he can rise to the occasion to be polite and appear magnanimous from time to time. Granted it comes across as an act, but still he should get an E for effort.

    With 3.7 million in the popular vote and 140,000 in Ohio, the deficit is just too big. The only thing he can gain by dragging this out, is become another jinxed politician with no career. Like Al Gore.

    [Note the Deaniac meltdown occured right after Gore’s endorsment of him. Yeah, right it was the scream that did him in. Sorry, I don’t buy that.]

  17. Jason G Says:

    It’s about 2008! read Edward’s words carefully. The preamble bit. There were committments made to get him to be the VP candidate and he is calling in the pledges.

    The Dem establishment gave the election up mid evening. Jousting is now focused on the future and appearing tough on Ohio is the Edwards card. Youthful disappointed base the main target right now.

    Carville conceding early is the first shot across the bows for Hillary i.e. “Kerry screwed up let’s acknowledge etc”

    Tomorrow look for more of the same and watch Kerry distance himself from it or disappear .. like tonight!

  18. Sandy P Says:

    November, 3, 2004

    Mark this day down on the calendar, folks.

    We’re back.

    Ronnie’s Revolution really begins.

    The MSM was surprised that “morality issues” were a deciding factor in OH’s vote.

    If you believe in a higher power, make sure you thank it. And open your pocketbook accordingly.

    Now we keep the pubbies feet to the fire.

  19. The Smoking Room Says:

    Exit to nowhere

    Has Bush won yet? Ever since 11 last night, when Andrew and I got home from election-night drinking at The Big Hunt in Dupont Circle, he’s been pushing me to…

  20. daven Says:

    There was no youth vote. What a joke, they partied, had a good time, got wasted, spent a lot of money and in the end they didn’t turn out in proportion that was needed.

  21. Sandy P Says:

    And we owe a parade to our Viet Nam vets – their honor has been restored.

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