Sorry I Missed This

From the comments in my post below about last night’s media coverage, a snippet from ABC News in the wee hours of the morning:

Peter Jennings: Let’s go to Dean Reynolds at the Kerry/Edwards street party in Boston.

Dean Reynolds: … the Kerry people are shocked to have lost Ohio.

Jennings: Actually, sorry to put you in an awkward position, Dean, but we haven’t called Ohio yet.

Reynolds: Well, everyone else has and the Kerry people do have TVs.

I think I’d still pay good money to see Jennings’ reaction to that one.


9 Responses to “Sorry I Missed This”

  1. toddk Says:

    Dean isn’t going to be working at ABC much longer.

  2. daven Says:

    Really. Why did it take so long to call Ohio? The margin there was greater than the PA margin and they called that early.

    Why haven’t they called NM or IA? The margins there are greater than WI which was called earlier for Kerry.

    The MSM, including Fox, do not have the courage of their convictions to do what they know should be done. Wimps.

  3. Jeff Harrell Says:

    I saw that. It was actually quite light-hearted. Both Jennings and Reynolds were laughing about it.

  4. JamesB_Bkk Says:


    I think I saw James Carville on CNN say regarding Ohio, “It looks like a draw on a double inside straight.” Beautiful use of language.

    I must say, though, that Kerry and Edwards are a couple of windbags, and am surprised that people buy what each says.

    I just saw on CNN Kerry use the phrase “band of brothers” in his concession speech. Unbelievable.

    P.S.: CNN (the only US network I get out here in Asia) still seemingly intends to guide us notwithstanding 51+% today rendered.

  5. Mr. Bingley Says:

    yeah, i saw it too. pretty funny

  6. Vilmos Soti Says:

    OK, so President Bush barely won Ohion. Remember the Guardian’s letter writing campaign. Remember that many Ohioans were outraged and asked the Republican Party how then can help.

    It would be *VERY* interesting to know of that dumb Guardian idea actually swayed the election. What a schadenfeude (hope spelt correctly) it would be.


  7. Mary Beth Says:

    “Barely” won Ohio? Hardly, my friend. He won a decisive victory there–greater than 2 percentage points. It’s not a blowout, but it’s certainly not “barely”. We’re not talking about 500 votes, we’re talking about tens of thousands.

  8. Pejmanesque Says:


    Oh, so he’s a lame duck now, eh? The jokes continue to write themselves, and they continue to allow us to laugh at Big Media. If this kind of detachment from reality continues on the part of “the reality-based community,”…

  9. Ben Says:

    It ain’t about courage or margins or anything like that. Note when FOX stopped calling states. When Bush hit 269. They would not even call NEvada for Bush, even after the returns were in, until this morning, AFTER Kerry’s concession speech.

    In 2000, media screwups were partly to blame for the Florida fiasco. This time, the MSM simply did NOT want to be in the middle of that fight. Lets face it, they got enough egg on their face thanks to Rather. They simply decided to sit this one out.

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