Who’s The Biggest Loser Today?

This waste of oxygen right here, who I’ll wager will not live to see 2005. Judging by the troop movements around Fallujah, he may not even make it to December.

“Puppet masters–the free men are coming to kill you!”

–Robert A. Heinlein


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  1. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Will Collier
    RE: Fallujah

    We had to go in and clean out that nest of vermin, especially if Bush had lost the election. He’d of had only two months to help the Iraqis better defend themselves before Kerry got in there and did a cut and run.

    It’s a shame that the prep fires could not coincide with Kerry stepping back from the podium.

    A fitting final farewell from our troops.


    P.S. With Bush in command, we’ve got the time to do it right.

  2. Chuck Pelto Says:

    P.P.S. That picture of whatzizname reminds me of General Zod from Superman II.

  3. DaveP. Says:


  4. John Fa Says:

    One clue that Fallujah operation will start soon from here in the UK:
    – Move from Basra of Black Watch Battle Group allows replaced US units to redeploy to Fallujah.
    – BWBG also being used to block likely insurgent supply/evacuation routes.
    – The main infantry component of BWBG is scheduled to rotate back to UK late December, and this appears to remain the plan, which ministers have restated; political trouble if not adhered to now.
    – Given approx. a week for relocated units to become familiar with new areas, and likely final ultimatum from Allawi, expect full scale operations to be underway six to sixteen days from now.

  5. Donald.d52 Says:

    Steven, thanks for ending that with a quote from my all-time favorite science-fiction author, and Dave, thanks for completing the quote.

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