“Pajama-clad Yeomen”

Peggy Noonan:

Who was the biggest loser of the 2004 election? It is easy to say Mr. Kerry: he was a poor candidate with a poor campaign. But I do think the biggest loser was the mainstream media, the famous MSM, the initials that became popular in this election cycle. Every time the big networks and big broadsheet national newspapers tried to pull off a bit of pro-liberal mischief–CBS and the fabricated Bush National Guard documents, the New York Times and bombgate, CBS’s “60 Minutes” attempting to coordinate the breaking of bombgate on the Sunday before the election–the yeomen of the blogosphere and AM radio and the Internet took them down. It was to me a great historical development in the history of politics in America. It was Agincourt. It was the yeomen of King Harry taking down the French aristocracy with new technology and rough guts. God bless the pajama-clad yeomen of America. Some day, when America is hit again, and lines go down, and media are hard to get, these bloggers and site runners and independent Internetters of all sorts will find a way to file, and get their word out, and it will be part of the saving of our country.


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  1. Mike M Says:

    Yeah, baby. This was me, just prior to sending Stephen my election eve article:


    Hours later, the MSM was completing its humiliation by reporting exit polls that I personally observed to be a pathetic joke. You can read aout it when Stephen gets my post-election wrap up online!

  2. Xixi Says:

    God Bless Peggy Noonan.

  3. Kathleen A Says:

    Yeah for the pajamadeen! Power to the people.

  4. Robin Burk Says:

    Some day, when America is hit again, and lines go down, and media are hard to get, these bloggers and site runners and independent Internetters of all sorts will find a way to file, and get their word out, and it will be part of the saving of our country.

    And the deep irony will be that the Internet they use to do it has its origens in a DOD network specifically designed to avoid being disabled by just such an attack.

    Think about that next time someone takes cheap shots at defense R&D.

    Robin (who worked with some of that stuff well before Al Gore took credit for spinning it off to public use)

  5. Robin Burk Says:

    Hmmm … DOD didn’t invent the spell checker though. Must be why I can’t spell “origin” this morning. Still sleep deprived after being up all Tuesday night – Wednesday AM.

  6. jay Says:

    Ms. Noonan has it exactly right.

    This will be the last election in which the MSM is the dominant information provider. Sure, it will continue to exert influence but it will be greatly diminished.

    I shudder when I think how many fake exit polls, Rathergate-type stories, and other outright lies and distortions were peddled by the MSM to alter elections. How much of this went unchecked for decades? It is terrifying.

    The MSM warped democracy but eventually was taken down by it and the technology it produced. These are great times.

  7. erp Says:

    Is this country great, or what!

  8. triticale Says:

    Yo, man!

  9. Grant Gryska Says:

    After watching the election and the political debates for the preceeding infitite, I came to realize a few things about the two candidates and their methods and the country as a whole. The most obvious being the opposing views between the coastal areas and the heart of the country. I believe that this is ultimately a result of the huge differences between the liberals and conservative core in this country. What amazes me most is the way the liberal elite tried, quite successfully I must say, to sway the election through 527 groups as well as the media. I believe that this was a plan from the get go. Let’s court the actors, singers, and the media and have them work to disseminate our views. But in the end this ended up alienating the core of the country. I read an article about Tom Wolfe from the Guardian the other day and I think it best sums up what I am trying to say.

    “Here is an example of the situation in America,” he says: “Tina Brown wrote in her column that she was at a dinner where a group of media heavyweights were discussing, during dessert, what they could do to stop Bush. Then a waiter announces that he is from the suburbs, and will vote for Bush. And … Tina’s reaction is: ‘How can we persuade these people not to vote for Bush?’ I draw the opposite lesson: that Tina and her circle in the media do not have a clue about the rest of the United States. You are considered twisted and retarded if you support Bush in this election. I have never come across a candidate who is so reviled. Reagan was sniggered it, but this is personal, real hatred.

    How can the actors, wealthy, and media elite have any idea what your average American wants and needs. Their views are completely opposing to those of the average American. How can you expect these folks to be able to preach to average Americans about hard times that they themselves have not experienced or speak of moral truths and social issues if they lack the ability to connect on the same level? If they can’t relate, all you will do is end up alienating those you are attempting to sway. I believe that is what happened in this election.

    The big news recently was the entrance of Bruce Springsteen onto Kerry’s campaign. I love the Boss, but his staunch liberal views ended up alienating more people than energizing them resulting in voters being pushed towards Bush. This is just one example of many.

    As for Kerry, We saw pictures of his lavish lifestyle, his multi-million dollar homes, and his sailing and skiing adventures amongst others. That is not the America that the majority knows. Given this, I feel that the average American noticed this disconnect and asked themselves, “how can he know what is best for us me?” I see them vacationing in far off places, skiing, flying in private planes and I know that is not like my life. Bush on the other hand has a privileged life, but he is also was portrayed as normal guy. He works on his ranch, talks, behaves and makes mistakes like Americans. This has the effect of portraying him in a humanistic way, something that Kerry failed to do.

    This I believe is one of the most important failures that Kerry committed and a fatal flaw of the Democratic campaign as a whole.

    Well, that is my rant for the day.

  10. Nick Says:

    What about Osama? Where was he? Where was the American equivolent to the Spanish train bombing? All we get is a stupid cheesy ass video? He was the real loser… oh wait… no he’s just losing.

  11. jay Says:


    You are dead on, too.

    The disconnect between the Democratic elite and the working class people they champion may be too wide for the party to survive. In fact, a schism between the Gephardt-types and those Kerry and Tina Brown represent may produce a new party in a few election cycles.

  12. ricky Says:

    God I hope so! Rudy in 08!

  13. Yumper Says:

    So much for the ABC / NBC / CBS Evening VIEWS and the NEW YORK / LOS ANGELES TIMES VIEWSPAPERS. End of Citizen Kane Era.

  14. MisplacedKeys Says:


    he Democrats have lost their leader in the Senate, Tom Daschle. I do not know what the Democratic Party spent, in toto, on the 2004 election, but what they seem to have gotten for it is Barack Obama. Let us savor. The elites of Old Europe are depressed…

  15. Pat Says:

    Tina’s reaction is: ‘How can we persuade these people not to vote for Bush?’

    Exactly, not “Vote for my Guy because he’s A, B & C” but “Vote for my Guy because your Guy is A, B & C.” You have to wonder how many ABB types didn’t bother to vote because the line was too long?

  16. jd Says:

    Anybody seen or heard from Messrs. Moore and Soros lately?

  17. Scott Says:

    I was stunned when I saw Bush got 42% of the Hispanic vote. The self proclaimed “activists” in the Hispanic community always insist Hispanics are all Democrats and hate Republicans because of their opposition to illegal immigration. The Left loves Hispanics because they assume they are all farm workers and illegals. What they miss in the great middle class of Hispanics who are multigenerational families, Catholic or Evangelical, and want their kids to speak English and get ahead. The Left is clueless about this. And because of this disconnect, I believe that the Hispanic vote will continue to lean Republican for a long, long, time. Without them, the Dems are nothing but teachers’ unions, government unions, and the old 60s civil rights “establishment”. With those bases, the Democratic party cannot survive as a national party.

  18. Lance Says:

    Let’s not go getting our heads caught in the doorway, now.

  19. jay Says:


    You are dead on, too.

    Hispanics are becoming more Republican with each election cycle. The trend started in the 80’s but slowed when Gov. Pete Wilson offended Mexican-Americans. However, as devout Catholics and astute business people Hispanics are not comfortable with Democrats. As a matter of fact, it took the Irish, Italians, and other ethnic groups much longer to change parties.

    The irony, of course, is that both parties have allowed massive illegal immigration to go unchecked for different reasons. This is wrong, of course, and potentially dangerous in an age of terror. The Democratic motive was to increase a decreasing voter base, and the Republican motive was to appeal to business constituencies that wanted cheaper labor.

    Yet with each election cycle more and more Hispanics change parties. If this trend continues, and the Republicans achieve parity with the Democrats, the latter will have sown the seeds of their destruction. President Bush has a natural affinity for Hispanic populations, and his long-term impact on the Republican Party will be his deep inroads into this constituency.

    I know this runs counter to what the Pat Buchanan types claim, but it is reality. The fine line will be between controlling illegal immigration and cultivating this bloc of voters. Bush seems on his way to doing so.

  20. Julie Says:

    Here in New Mexico my polling place had English/Spanish language (the ballots are also printed in three Native American languages here, but I didn’t see that) and the posters tacked up near the parking lot were mostly in Spanish (Viva Bush!) and I’ve no doubt that many people speak Spanish… but I’ve yet to run into *anyone* who doesn’t speak English.

    I do need to get out more, but when I moved here I really *expected* there to be a lot of people who didn’t speak English. Perhaps there are more in the Southern part of the state.

  21. Ted B. Says:

    The liberal elites…political operative, gay activists, policy wonks…see American through versions of the famous New Yorker Map of America from their Blue-State basions of Boston, NYC, DC, San Francisco and LA. “Seeing America” is looking out the first-class cabin window at 35,000-ft in-betwen glaring at the steward to re-fill their obviously-empty glass.

    Even when “campaigning”, it’s through the windows of the campaign-bus or the nearest Four Seasons/Ritz-Carlton/Marriot Marquis hostelry.

  22. Slant Point Says:

    Yeoman Bloggers

    Peggy Noonan coins the phrase. In her honor, I nominate Janice Rand as our Honorary Hollywood Yeoman. The resemblance to Noonan is striking, no? (via Vodka Pundit) RandNoonan…

  23. The LLama Butchers Says:

    We few, we noble few….

    The irony of all this is John Kerry’s use of the “Band of Brothers” theme. Of course, that would make the LLamabutchers—at least, Steve the LLamabutcher—the Jack Falstaff of the Pajama Longbowman….

  24. triticale Says:

    This was the significance of Kerry’s “Lambert Field” gaffe. Not only was it sacrilige against a shrine, empowering the Pack to overwhelm the Redskins’ ongoing coincidence, but it showed that he was disconnected, and didn’t care. Were I in his shoes, I’d have been working with my speech coach on splitting the difference between “Lamboh” and “Lambaw”.

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