From The Bleachers: 11-0!

This week’s Auburn football column is up over at my site, covering the 11-0 Tigers’ 21-13 win over the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. I’ve also written a commentary on the BCS and the lack of a legitimate championship structure in college football; that one is being shopped around. I’ll post a link when it’s published.

For those who’ll ask, I have no idea what’s up with Steve, but I’m assuming his connection is still down. Sorry about the lack of blogging on my end in the meantime, but I’m pretty slammed with work, travel, football and family right now.


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  1. JFH Says:


    Been trying to figure this out over the weekend does the BSC use the poll ranks of AP and Coach’s or does it use points…

    For Auburn’s case, I hope it’s points as they are only behind OK by 4 points in each poll.

  2. David Says:

    You should call Steve and tell him to dust off his analog modem and give it a try – LOL

  3. Mark Says:

    You know Will, if Auburn does not make it to the Orange Bowl and yet still ends up unbeaten, you can create some no-name football writers group and have that group declare Auburn the national champion. That seemed to have worked in Alabama’s case in a lot of their “championships”….oooo, I hope Alabama fans don’t read this site!

  4. The Parson Says:

    Few things in life better than crushing the Tide in T-Town!

  5. Mike M Says:

    I don’t think we’ll ever see a real championship in Div-IA College football. Why? Call me a cynic, but it’s money.

    Take last year. The BCS is a great scam for the major conferences. They all but ensure that big conference teams will be playing all the BCS games, and have the added benefit of sometimes producing multiple “national championship” games…ensuring larger audiences and more time in the media mill.

    I also have a prediction: at least a few mid-major schools will begin “speculating” by running their football programs at a loss in hopes of hitting the BCS lottery. Utah will be the first non-BCS team in a BCS bowl this year, and will reap $10-$15 million as a result.

    What’s to say a school like Louisville or Marshall might not dump a few million into sprucing up the facilities, recruiting, and marketing to get the poll hype they need to score a BCS berth if they can run the table?

    It’s a dangerous precedent to set, especially when for the most part we’re talking about state universities that are supposed to be educating students. Either by that or some other means, I’m sure the NCAA will find a way to crash and burn sometime soon. It’s been a long time coming.

  6. ricky Says:

    Heard an announcer talking about how there actually isn’t a D1a NCAA sanctioned championship in relation to pulling Ohio States ’02 title thingamajiggy… Is this true? If so, I’m glad to be a 1AA alum. Go Blue Hens!!!

  7. Angie Says:

    Since when is football more important than blogging?? (rolling eyes at all men!)

  8. andy Says:

    First, let me get this off of my chest:

    Roll Tide!

    Second, congrats on the win. During the first quarter, I had high hopes that there might be an upset, but Bama, in the long run, played too conservatively (in my opinion) – and I don’t think you can do that when you’re facing the #2 in the country.

    Third, here’s hoping – now that the grudge match is out of the way – that there are more victories ahead for the Tigers.

  9. RandMan Says:

    Nothing better than watching all those young scholars exercising their intellect on national television, in helmets and pads, or sneakers and shorts.

  10. Xixi Says:

    Honk if you’ve coached at Bama.

  11. Robert Says:

    Fox just bought the BCS series from 2007 to 2010 for $80 mil. That effectively ends any idea of a playoff until 2011.

  12. Mark Says:

    Honk if you went to Aubrun and lived in a trailer. Assuming, of course, your tractor has a horn. Enjoy the Fiesta Bowl, see you next year with, hopefully, a less than 7-0 ratio of injured starters. You’d think the number “2” team in the nation could cover the spread against our 4th string.

  13. robin Says:

    I liked your analysis of the game at the other site. I’m a ‘Bama fan but there’s no denying that Auburn is the class of the conference, and probably the nation, this year.

    I beg to differ with the following sentiment you expressed: … “but you do have to give UAT quarterback Spencer Pennington credit for playing about as well as he could reasonably be expected to play. He’s not a great quarterback, and never will be, but he’s a gamer, and deserves better marks than he’s getting today”.

    One could certainly argue that Pennington is farther along than Campbell was this time last year. At that time, who’d have thought an all world season was in Jason’s future? Who knows what the cards hold for Spencer? If he makes just half the progress Jason has made, he’ll be a pretty darn good college quarterback.

  14. ed Says:

    I tried calling him last week, and even his phone sounded like crap.
    I don’t suppose his disappearance has anything to do with the little French Maid apron his bride got as a birthday present, now could it?


  15. JWebb Says:

    Re: Stephen’s absence…

    So far it has me stirred, but not yet shaken.

  16. huski Says:

    It will be interesting to see if Auburn overtakes OU. I doubt it and think that USC and OU are slightly more deserving…Auburn’s nonconference opponents are pathetic and the SEC as a whole hasn’t played enough BCS conference foes in their nonconference games…but it’s within the error of anyone’s ability to tell. For all we know, Utah might be able to beat any of them on any given day.

    If USC and OU play in the Orange Bowl, I wish that Auburn could play whoever is ranked 4th…so that if they want to claim a split when all is over, it will be deserved. Not going to happen, of course.

  17. Surf-actant Says:

    Haven’t been over to your site yet, but I wanted to drop a note here after reading the comments.

    To Tide Fans: Thanks for an outstanding game. Maybe I’m not your typical Auburn grad, in that I don’t truly hate Bama. In fact, I have a hypothesis that underneath every Auburn fan’s exterior lies a closet Bama fan. I mean, how can that not be true? Bama is almost single-handedly responsible for the respect that southeastern college football has enjoyed for the last century, even prior to the SEC actually existing. In fact, at’s site, they rank the top 100 college games of all time, and the 79th game is between Bama and Washington, the 1926 Rose Bowl, which Bama won by one point, and..well, read the rest for yourself.

    Bama will be back. I both look forward to the prospect as well as dread it. You guys need to work on your fan base though. Get them to call off the dogs on Shula. He’s gonna be a great coach, he just needs some time to age properly. The key here is stability, as both of us have had our issues with that the last few years. No blue chip recruit from outside the state is going to want to bet the farm with his college career in a place where the head coach’s office resembles a merry-go-round. And you know the type of fans I’m talking about: have never even set foot on campus, much less graduated from Bama. We have ours too. Usually they are by far the most rabid. Anyway, here’s to looking forward to next year’s Iron Bowl, and any support you could throw our way for a National Championship bid would be greatly appreciated.

    Fellow Auburn Tigers: I echo Coach Tub, in that I want to know how in the hell did USC get so far out in front? They’ve played….Virginia Tech, Cal & AZ State. That’s it. Of the 3 of us, OU has played the toughest schedule at around #11, then us at approx 21, then USC at #47! USC is so overrated it is disgusting. They’re a great team, but they do not deserve to be ranked number one, OU or us Tigers deserve that spot. I know that strength of schedule doesn’t officially figure in to it anymore, but obliquely it still does, it just goes by the moniker “quality wins”, in which we have the best numbers. I smell a guilt ranking, due to the perceived “royal screwing” USC got last year.

    One last note to the Bama fans: How good would it make you feel to have us PASTE Fulmer in the Championship game. I mean really, really, really run up the score on him. I’m talking like, say, we’re already up 45 to 10 with 4 minutes to go in the 4th and we come out on first down and Campbell heaves the ball 50 yards downfield to Aromashodu. This is one area where your interests and ours very much co-inside. So how about it? For just once in your life, put on some Tiger gear, and root for Fulmer’s live, national, utter humiliation. Look at it like this: we are brothers. Everybody knows that there is no more fierce a fight than between brothers…except when somebody from outside the family threatens us…..

  18. huski Says:

    Surf-actant: do you have a link for your strength of schedule argument? The SOS ratings like this one and this one have all three ranked lower, and have Auburn behind USC and OU.

    Any ranking that would put Auburn ahead of USC in strength of schedule would have to be counting the historical strength of the SEC, it seems to me. All of the computer rankings discount this and the ones for the BCS all put USC above Auburn. The SEC could be the strongest conference or a mediocre conference…the SEC OOC schedule just doesn’t provide enough data.

  19. surf-actant Says:

    BUSTED! I broke the cardinal rule, didn’t I? Sorry, but the data I got was from the tube…I should have known better than to trust the MSM (heh. sorry, no linky). If you have better data than I do, then, by all means, I will relenquish my point. Although I will stipulate that I still think USC is WAAAAAY too far out in front. You know, since Fox just gave the BCS 320 million reasons not to go with a play-off system, one game or otherwise, I am of the opinion that the easiest and probably most efficient way out of this yearly debacle is to just hold off on the AP & USATODAY/COACHES polls until sometime in October. Those are the only two polls used in the BCS formula, right?

    You definitely have a point about our non-conf sked. I have railed and ranted about that. Maybe, if we get screwed this year, someone will sit up and take notice. We vacillate between trying it (USC & GT last year) & getting our asses handed to us, to not doing it and ending up in our current situation. Bottom line is that if we don’t go out and sked serious 1-A contenders outside of our conference, and do it every single year, we will NEVER really get the respect, and rightly so. Nor will we attract top talent and become a national pwerhouse, like Tennessee, Florida, USC, Notre Dame. We risk relegating ourselves to be forever “also-rans”.

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