The Blogfaddah Is A Crock

No, not really. But he’s talking about Crock Pots, and in the interest of getting the most information out there (especially about the “dumbest s**t”), we got a Rival 38601 Crock Pot as a wedding gift last year. That particular model turned out to be a lemon. Let’s just say it’s not a “slow-cooker,” and we have the crispy lamb bits (not recommended) to prove it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not an anti-Crock-ite; we’re going to get a replacement this weekend. But avoid the 38601, unless you’re really fond of burned food…


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  1. pianoman Says:

    I get these soup mixes from Cost Plus World Market because: 1) it’s great soup; 2) it’s easy to make; 3) they call for hamhocks, which gives you something to do with that massive wad of pork meat after holidays. The problem has always been that our old reliable crock pot was only a four quart size, which wasn’t quite large enough to accomodate all that soup plus the hamhock.

    So we went off to Walmart and picked up a 6.5 quart oval monster. I promptly assembled a split pea soup mix, and am thrilled with the results. Plenty of room for all the ingredients including an oversized hamhock, no spilling when stirring, etc.

    Crock pots rule, especially for soup. Get the best — it’s worth the money.

  2. Alexa Says:

    Sure, crockpots are neat if you know what you’ll be hungry for in six hours.

  3. Mike Daley Says:

    If, as you so aptly described Stephen, Martini Boy continues his burnout, you’re going to have post here more often.
    I’m certainly glad to learn the worthless Rival I bought was not unique, well, no, I wish it was, so no other would suffer the crappy stuff I suffered.
    BTW, my local progressive, left wing rag had a good food section article on crock pot cooking yesterday.
    Mike Daley

  4. Kathianne Says:

    Damn it Will, not often I email Glenn, but did a few hours before your post. I love the same model. Go figure.

  5. Just One Bite Says:

    I want a man with a slow

    I woke up to find my cold giving a last hurrah; though my mother didn’t recognize my voice on the phone yesterday, I felt better. Today, my cold has moved from my throat and lungs to my nose, sinuses, and…

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