My Favorite Is “Pickup Andropov”

Here’s a great Boston Globe article about the “Car Talk” guys, Tom and Ray Magliozzi (hat tip to Los Bros Judd). Way too many great quotes to pull anywhere near a representative sample, but here’s a good one:

Ray: “One of the big chains approached us, but we didn’t want to stand in front of their store and tell people to get their cars fixed there. We couldn’t. Because they [expletive] everybody.”

Berman: “Even though they offered them [a lot] of money.”

Tom: “Offered who?”

Ray: “You didn’t get that memo?”

Tom, puzzled: “No.”

Berman: “These guys are not greedy. And the best negotiations happen when you truly don’t give a . . . ”

Tom: “Wait, back up. Offered who?”

Read the whole thing. And don’t drive like my sister.


One Response to “My Favorite Is “Pickup Andropov””

  1. triticale Says:

    And don’t drive like my sister.

    And if you see the bumper sticker which says “Drive it like you stole it” take that to mean “Drive it in such a manner as to not attract the attention of law enforcement”.

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