Forget about what Sherman did to the place; as for today, Atlanta, she is frozen.

The bad weather started a little after noon yesterday, a steady patter of sleet that lasted for hours, but didn’t accumulate. That turned into rain around midnight, even as the temperature was dropping. A slushy mix kept falling until around dawn. This is the result, at least around our house:




The atmosphere outside is nothing short of eerie. No traffic sounds at all, but when the wind blows, you hear the crackling of ice on the tree branches around you. It sounds like an army of squirrels nibbling away on ten thousand acorns.

Things could certainly be worse. Unlike previous ice storms, we haven’t lost power, and although my cable modem’s lifeline looks precarious:


… it hasn’t failed yet. There are certainly lots of people in worse straits than we are today. Still, the roads, including street we live on, are sheets of ice, and I really, really needed to get over to Alabama today. That’s not going to happen, unless there’s a miraculous thaw. I’d be lucky to make it to the grocery store right now (fortunately, we stocked up already).

We’re not expected to get above freezing until sometime Sunday, and the precipitation forecast for today and tonight ranges between 80 and 100 percent. And what the heck, the dog seems to enjoy it:

bob ice.jpg

UPDATE: 6PM Eastern. Very steady rain now, and the temperature is dropping. We didn’t try to drive anywhere today, and watching two idiots slipping and sliding their cars up the hill going out of the neighborhood was proof we’d made the right choice (by some miracle, they didn’t hit each other, but both wound up sliding into somebody’s yard).

This is going to be a rough night, much moreso than last night. You can hear branches popping all over, and our power went out for the first time about a half hour ago. It came back in about five minutes, but I don’t expect that to last. Fortunately, tomorrow is supposed to be much warmer, but there are going to be some dark, cold, icy hours between now and then.


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  1. Backcountry Conservative Says:

    Storm Blogging Update #2

    (Both pictures are clickable thumbnails) It around 30 degrees here now. There’s an extremely light dusting of snow in places with some thicker spots (in the backyard mainly here.) The snow covering the road has melted on its own…

  2. gb_in_ga Says:

    Yep — looks pretty much like that here in Marietta. I’m not about to get out on the road. Icicles are hanging from my truck. Icicles are hanging from my barbeque pit. The lawn is positively crunchy. My guess is that we have about a 1/4 inch coating on shrubbery and the trees, with a little bit of sleet accumulation — not enough to cause any damage. And, obviously, we still have power.

  3. Lance Says:

    Happens at least once or twice a year here in Wisconsin. I love it, when it does. Of course, we’ve got more equipment for getting the roads fixed up than you do, I bet.

  4. A Single Southern Guy In America Says:

    Winter Storm Update 2

    We have a brief respite from the cold rain at the moment here at Edisto, but the radar shows more wet stuff is on its way. The Weather Underground indicates we’re at 34 and probably safe from any icy precipitation…

  5. Jeremy Says:

    Nice. Typical Southern ice storm. Nothing but a mess. Downtown Charleston has been spared…thank goodness for the coast. Be careful if you head out!

  6. ScienceTeacher Says:

    Awful purdy, though…easy to say coming from someone in a part of the country that almost never gets that cold, I admit.

  7. Acidman Says:

    The only bad thing about a frozen Atlanta is that the place eventually will thaw out. Then, it’ll go back to being its same obnoxious self.

  8. Backcountry Conservative Says:

    Storm Blogging Update #3

    It’s around 30 degrees here still. There is currently frozen precipitation falling here. The official temp here is 27 according to and ForecastFox (a Firefox extension) but that reading is at the Greenwood Airport I think. Additional accum…

  9. RiskProf Says:

    What we are doing today in Atlanta


  10. Dean Says:

    Oh how I miss Atlanta, een when it is this bad.

    I have added Vodkapundit to my blogroll.

    Nice site, great commentary.


  11. David D Says:

    Ice storms sure are pretty.

    Here in Seattle we don’t get pretty winter weather. It did snow this year & was white for about 6 hours; some of my friends slept in & missed the whole thing. The Seattle reaction to snow is probably like the Atlanta reaction to ice: everyone stays home until everything melts.

    I recently complained to my brother in Minnesota about the cold; no sympathy there. He pointed out that a) the recent low temp there was 54 degrees below zero; & b) much worse, this wasn’t even a record.

    I like living somewhere where the weather doesn’t kill people. . . except indirectly for those SAD people who get depressed from lack of sunshine. And the earthquakes aren’t bad; if I had put the encyclopedias on the bottom shelf rather than the top I doubt either bookshelf would have broken. The local volcano isn’t likely to erupt in my lifetime, and. . .


    Maybe I should move to San Diego.

  12. Downtown Lad Says:

    Those are some pretty amazing pictures. That doesn’t happen much up here in New York. I can only recall one incident in my lifetime where the roads turned into a sheet of ice. It’s pretty scary though. Lots of accidents.

  13. Sissy Willis Says:

    Doggies LOVE weather.

  14. Southernlady Says:

    I love days like to day…stay in the jammys and laze around with a good book and hot coffee.

  15. gb_in_ga Says:

    Update from here in Marietta:

    Ok, the power just came back on. We lost power a couple of hours ago. About an hour before that (8 PM) one of the neighbor’s trees came down, just missing our house. Actually, one of the branches brushed the house, but as far as I can tell, from what I can see using a flashlight, there isn’t any damage to the house. Talk about dodging a bullet!

  16. MikeB Says:

    Are you serious? I don’t mean to be a weather bigot, but anywhere north of Kentucky experiences this at least monthly during the winter. I’ve lived in Cleveland and Orlando and have relatives in Atlanta. It amazes me that people freak out about a couple days of ice and snow when the northern part of the country is covered with the stuff for weeks at a time. Just like it amazes me that Clevelanders vacation in Florida and immediately hid in air conditioning from morning until night. Life goes on as normal.

  17. Rob Says:

    MikeB, it ain’t the snow that messes things up down here. It’s the ice, and once the streets are impassable and power goes out, it’s not a good situation, and very different from the winters I endured when I lived north of the M&D. Yanks like to make fun when an inch of ice shuts down whole cities, but the alternative is you have lots of people who aren’t used to slippery conditions have a gigantic demolition derby on the roads.

  18. Yehudit Says:

    When I lived in Austin we had one of these every year. It would last till midday and then melt. It’s been decades since it was below freezing all day in Austin.

  19. Robert Says:

    Driving in snow is ok, you just go slow and don’t use the brake (having a standard rather than an automatic transmission helps too.) Ice is an entirely different story, altogether.
    Growing up in mid-upstate NY, I rarely had problems with snow, but in ice storms you just don’t drive. I’ll never make fun of an inch of ice shutting down a city. An inch of snow, yes; but not ice.

  20. gb_in_ga Says:


    Uh, having trees crash down on your house (or close misses, like last night) is serious, I don’t care where you live. I’m talking serious property damage and the very real possibility of bodily injury or death. It doesn’t get much more serious than that, ya know. I’m sorry, but losing power is not a good thing, no matter where you are. I’m sorry, but icy roads are dangerous, no matter where you are. Keep in mind that down here where this sort of weather is not all that common it just doesn’t make sense for the local powers that be to invest large amounts of scarce funds on winter road clearing equipment, so the infrastructure that you take for granted just doesn’t exist, at the scale you are used to. The existing infrastructure here isn’t really able to keep major highways passable in icy weather, much less smaller municipal and county roads. So, it just isn’t safe to travel in these conditions.

    Do you travel in these sorts of conditions? If you do, can you truly be considered wise? Or are you letting testosterone get the better part of you?

    Think about it.

  21. rosignol Says:

    I recently complained to my brother in Minnesota about the cold; no sympathy there. He pointed out that a) the recent low temp there was 54 degrees below zero; & b) much worse, this wasn’t even a record.

    Yeah, well, in Seattle we’ve got something that’s a bit less common in Minnesota- big hills. Ice and snow are an inconvenience out in the midwest- it’s something else entirely when the downtown business district is built on a 30-degree grade.

  22. Great Auk Says:

    Ice and ice everywhere and its all over the place and i think its call glaze looks nice though

  23. Merat Says:

    Athens, Ga:
    I woke up this morning to find an inch an a half of ice coating my car, my driveway, and the road. People always joke about how Georgians shut down the city when it LOOKS like its going to snow, but black ice is serious stuff. Even New Yorkers don’t try to drive in that!

  24. Carl Says:

    Boo & hoo. two weeks ago it was 56 below with the wind chill. A little snow and ice gonna hurt??

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