Laughing At The Enemy

Remember the brain surgeon who tried to recover the deposit on the van used to bomb the World Trade Center back in 1992? His name was Mohammad Salameh, and for over a dozen years, he’s held the title as the dumbest Islamic terrorist on record. Few observers believed that Salameh’s breathtaking stupidity could ever be topped.

But little did we know that even dumber jihadis were out there. Ladies and gents, I give you… the G.I. Joe kidnappers.

“John Adam,” supposedly an American soldier threatened with beheading, turns out to be a G.I. Joe knockoff. No, really. It’s a doll. They captured a doll, and then posted a “ransom” picture so lame it wouldn’t get so much as a chuckle on Fark.

Hey, you backwards-ass Islamofascist idiots–we’re Americans. We have better special effects than that in our local TV commercials. In Mississippi. The only people dense enough to fall for that picture are Reuters reporters, and that’s a Rather low standard for credibility, isn’t it?

I wouldn’t want to be in your piss-stained trousers when Scott Ott sees this one.

Hey, how much you want to bet the dreaded “Mujahideen Squadrons” are usin’ code names?


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  1. trolr Says:

    Saw the hoax story at LGF, FreeRepublic has a couple of additional spoofs.

    Sorry OT

    The two comments below were posted at IndyMedia NewJersey on the same day. The following day the “beard” post remained and “radical islam” post was removed.

    It appears that the moderator doesn’t understand Western sarcasim but is concerned about the “image” of Islam.

    This is the third occasion for NJIndy removing one post and leaving another. The sarcasim posts, that stayed, were always off-topic. The deleted posts addressed Muslims, quoted news sources and 2 of 3 lacked comment.

    This is to advocate observance not antagonism.

    Speaking of Youth, I’m graduating from H.S. next year. I have a standing argument with my mother over my beard. It’s an untrimmed beard plain and simple.

    My mother says that alot of young males are adopting this “Middle Eastern” style beard as an unconciously motivated sign of rebellion against their parents and authority in general. She calls it an “Osama beard.”

    I tell her I’m just expressing masculinity and probably grunge. I don’t want to trim it because I’ll look some businessman as Michael Moore does now!

    My mother says I couldn’t find a date in a women’s prison looking the way I do.

    I love her but she’s wrong, any opinions?

    From the New York Sun, Jan. 31, 2005:

    Christians on PalTalk Chat Service Tracked by Radical Islamic Web Site

    By Daveed Gartenstein-Ross
    Special to the Sun

    A radical Islamic Web site systematically tracks Christians on, an Internet chat service on which a New Jersey man received a death threat two months before he and his family were murdered. The password protected Arabic Web site, at the address, features pictures and information about Christians who have been particularly active in debating Muslims on PalTalk. […]

  2. Dan Hendrickson Says:

    I can’t help myslef:
    Does Dan Rather think this is fake but accurate?

  3. Dean Says:

    Isn’t it interesting how quickly the major news outlets jumped on this story, without anyone raising any questions about why the head of the soldier in the picture appeared out of whack with the rest of his body?

    One would almost think that any story that had a bit of juiciness to it would appear—but then whatever happened to the Swift boat vets’ tales?

    Might the consistency of the mistakes suggest, gasp!, bias?


  4. Stephen Green Says:

    They never woulda captured him if he’d had kung-fu grip!

  5. Van Helsing Says:

    In a related but far less humorous story, Islamofascists actually sent out a little kid with Down syndrome as a suicide bomber during the election Sunday.

  6. Robert Says:

    Wow, the terrorists have really been hit hard. 1) can’t affect the election at all. 2) reduced to using mentally challenged kids as suicide bombers (still think they’re patriots Michael Moore?.) 3) they can only kidnap dolls.

  7. Downtown Lad Says:

    We shouldn’t have said anything. I prefer them to kidnap dolls instead of real people.

  8. Eskimo Says:

    Think about it. They couldn’t affect voter turnout in Iraq, didn’t create the massive death and destruction that they promised coming up election day and now are resorting to kidnapping dolls.

    Can you smell it? Smells like desperation to me.

  9. Dishman Says:

    Anybody have one of these “Cody” dolls? I’d love to see “Cody” holding the head from an Osama doll.

  10. evolution Says:

    terrorists kidnap g.i. joe doll

    When I got home from work this evening, I turned on CNN’s Headline News to learn that an American soldier had been kidnapped in Iraq. “Damn,” I thought. “Even after the elections showed these terrorists to be weak, they continue with these tactics anyw…

  11. Puddle Pirate Says:

    The geniuses at Democratic Underground took the bait … hook, line, and sinker.

  12. dorkafork Says:

    US officials are very concerned. One official is quoted as saying, “We are certain his condition is no longer mint.” The official quickly added, “but we don’t know for sure, and knowing is half the battle.” The terrorists are only willing to release him if the US government turns over 72 UPC proof-of-purchases. Military spokesman Marvin “Roadblock” Hinton said “The US Army will not negotiate. Over foul acts these guys perpetrate.” He added, “Don’t let strangers on the phone know you’re alone”, possibly as advice to avoid being targeted by the insurgents.

  13. Ed Says:

    Faster Than A Speeding Pixel!

    Will Collier of VodkaPundit writes:Remember the brain surgeon who tried to recover the deposit on the van used to bomb the World Trade Center back in 1992? His name was Mohammad Salameh, and for over a dozen years, he’s held…

  14. Karl Gallagher Says:

    If we’d just kept quiet about it we’d have the beheading video to look forward to.

  15. Mike M Says:


    …terrorism has officially jumped the shark.

    Maybe they’ll threaten to melt their next hostage with a magnifying glass.

  16. Stacy Says:

    hehe my favorite responses so far are at and the Rumsfeld “press conference” photo at 🙂

  17. Pejmanesque Says:


    The insurgents will kidnap a Cabbage Patch Doll. In any event, matters appear to have been successfully resolved. UPDATE: For Will Collier, this is a blogging dream come true….

  18. Dr Zen Says:

    Yes, you guys are fucking geniuses. Nothing can get past you. For instance, if someone told you that Iraq had tons of biological and chemical weapons and was building nukes, you’d laugh in their faces and show the fuckheads the door.


  19. Alan K. Henderson Says:

    Hey, you backwards-ass Islamofascist idiots–we’re Americans. We have better special effects than that in our local TV commercials.

    Heck, even Trey Parker and Matt Stone have better special effects.

    Dirka dirka, mohammad jihad.

  20. Teri Says:

    Seriously, about the Downs kid? I heard about that on the radio yesterday, Aaron Kitursky (sp?) talking to our local newsheads. He said the bombing was “horrible” and actually called them terrorists. He sounded really, genuinely upset. It is the first time that I have heard a MSM person acknowledge that suicide bombing is any worse than a hangnail, and I think the first time I’ve heard one actually call them terrorists.

    I have a disabled son. In our culture, we love and take care of the disabled. Some Americans even call them “God’s little angels.” In a culture like Iraq, the disabled are despised, resented for using up resources without being good for anything.

    Irony #1: The terrorists have finally done something bad enough to lose the support of the lefties.

    Irony #2: They will not understand why they have lost support – they thought they were pretty efficiently taking care of two items of business at once – getting rid of the pesky handicapped kid and setting off another bomb.

    Irony #3: I absolutely loathe the “God’s little angel” thing but it turns out that may be what knocks some sense into the lefties.

    OK, #3 is only ironic to me, but believe me, I never thought the day would come when I would appreciate the “God’s little angel” nonsense.

    (They are lovely children with very difficult obstacles for themselves and their families to deal with, but they are not supernatural otherworldly beings. They have down-to-earth needs that must be taken care of. Which we are doing, but it doesn’t help when someone flits in and chirps about angels as though that makes it all okay.)

    All prayers for the little boy. What a sad, short life. May he be at peace now.


  21. Dishman Says:

    Sorry, Teri, I find that act too disgusting to discuss intelligently.

  22. Will Says:

    I have some breaking news on this story…

  23. Dignan's 75 Year Plan Says:

    Breaking news on kidnapped soldier

    We now have news of the exciting rescue that happened early this morning. Marines and the Navy SEALS were sent in for a daring rescue.

  24. Robert Says:

    The difference being, Dr. Zen, that Saddam had developed & used chemical weapons and had worked on getting nukes (remember the Osirak nuke “plant” Jacques Chirac sold him?)

  25. GOP and the City Says:

    Are They Kidding?

    In response, here at GOP and the City, we have another offer for the terrorists. Here is a picture of an insurgent leader we captured in Iraq. If Abu Musab al-Zarqawi does not surrender to American troops within 72 hours, we will behead her. The cloc…

  26. Rip & Read Blogger Podcast Says:

    Rip & Read Blogger Podcast for February 2, 2005

    Here’s what I Ripped & Read in my Podcast today:

    VodkaPundit notes:

    Laughing At The Enemy

    Remember the brain surgeon who tried to recover the deposit on the van used to bomb the World Trade Center back in 1992? His name was Mohamma…

  27. Mauther Says:

    Point of Clarification:
    Cody is NOT a GI Joe. He’s made by Dragon. The insurgents never would have taken a Joe alive.

  28. JD Says:

    Goddamnit! Ya never leave a man behind!

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