A Rather Dumb Idea

Get a load of this. Based on January ratings reports showing CBS News a deep and distant third in viewership, and CNN getting slaughtered by Fox News on a regular basis (nearly three-to-one the day of the Iraqi elections), the New York Observer’s Joe Hagan boldly calls for… a merger of the two networks.

Yeah, that makes sense. About like merging Kentucky and Vanderbilt’s football programs–“Hey, if we team up, we can’t finish any lower than eleventh!”

Tellingly, neither the word “liberal” nor “bias” appear anywhere in Hagan’s interminable article. Um, Joe, did you bother at all to consider any of the root causes behind the declines of either organization? Or are you just so wrapped up in your MSM cocoon that you figured it was all a myth invented by those red-state loonies?


7 Responses to “A Rather Dumb Idea”

  1. Rod Stanton Says:

    Then we could have Ted Turner and Rather take turns as anchor. That would be a lot of laughs.

  2. Sandy P Says:

    Narrow ties, 2-button sports coats, portrait collars and leg warmers…

    We’re back to the 80s!!!


    Hope the stock market goes up-up- up. I want my “decade of greed” back. I missed it. 7% CDs.

    I’d also like to fit into that size 4 pink leather mini skirt I once owned, do you think that’s asking too much???? My hubby wouldn’t mind if I could, either….

  3. bsp Says:

    Hey, I’m just hoping that Rather will stay around long enough to interview Al Sharpton on his KFC boycott. Messages by detainees complaining of beheading, sexual misconduct and foul play smuggled out by Sharpton (at personal risk of his own digestive well-being) in hollowed out eggs will attempt to show the chickens in question live in similar conditions to their brother prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison.

  4. Klug Says:

    Hey! You can’t make fun of the Commodores! They’re a great football te – oh, who I am kidding. They stink.

  5. john bragg Says:

    It’s actually not a bad idea, businesswise. It would also be a lot easier for the groups involved to manage, than an admission of systemic liberal bias followed by the creation of a news network which considered multiple points of view while doing high-quality work.

    The smart business move is probably to consolidate and consciously focus on the left third of the US audience.

    Never mind Viacom/Time-Warner conflicts.

  6. ErikZ Says:

    Well, something is bound to happen. You can’t lose marketshare forever.

  7. KevinC Says:

    FANTASTIC IDEA!! just have one crooked media company so we can all get lied to fairly.

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