Stupid MPAA Tricks

Regarding Steve’s post just below, all Macrovision has really done is sell the brain surgeons at MPAA some useless technology that’ll only serve to piss off customers whose DVD player isn’t compatible with this “new” process. According to this LA Times story, the new-and-improved “protection” works on only 97% of the ripping software currently available.

That ain’t enough, boys. If the MPAA is actually paying you anything for this “improvement,” it’s because they collectively have the technical acumen of a particularly dim King Charles Spaniel. The people using ripping software will just download the 3% of programs that still work, and laugh at you. As Slashdot noted, all Macrovision has really done here is sell the movie studios a bunch of snake oil.

Ah, karma. Is there anything it can’t do?


2 Responses to “Stupid MPAA Tricks”

  1. Dishman Says:

    I had an experience with MacroVision.
    They’re pretty lawyer-heavy. We had a DVR product that was about ready to ship in China. Their lawyers sent nasty letters to our manufacturer and killed the project, and effectively our company.

    What’s worse, the letters were based on either a misunderstanding or deliberate misrepresentation.

  2. jdawg Says:

    From someone who’s worked in e-mail encryption (and DVD encryption is pretty similar) – your estimate of six months to break it is probably high, especially if it’s backwardly compatible.

    I’d go for about three weeks to crack it, and I’m probably on the high side.

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