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I hear my biggie-sized MSM post was quoted and/or summarized on CNN’s Inside Politics today. Anybody happen to catch it?

UPDATE: CNN has posted a transcript:

TATTON: Now one of the main themes on the blogosphere this week has been, what is the role of bloggers? Suddenly they have shot to the fore, people are talking about them. They seem to be bringing people down left and right. And one of the questions we were looking at yesterday was posed by Jay Rosen. He’s an NYU professor, and his blog is PressThink. The question that he asks: “Is the point to have a dialogue with the mainstream media or cause its destruction?” And that’s something that we have been talking about all this week.

SCHECHNER: He did specifically ask this question of Will Collier, who does one of the blogs that we talk about, VodkaPundit. And will took a couple of days to respond. He has a day job, he’s very busy. But when he did get around to responding to it, it’s actually a very interesting write-up. And if you get to it, you should read it. Concisely what he says back is, quote: “What I’m interested in is not destruction, but rather disclosure, transparency and reform.”

Quite nice of Ms. Schechner. To borrow a line from the Kentucky Fried Movie, she has my gwatitude.

Check out the rest, there are quite a few notable mentions, including Captain Ed, Josh Marshall, the Tulsa World vs fight, and many more. I think these “Inside the Blogs” stories are just a special on Woodruff’s show this week, but CNN could do a lot worse than making it a regular segment.


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  1. lunacy Says:

    I didn’t catch that but I did hear Brit Hume mention Vodkapundit the other afternoon (yesterday or the day before)during the grapevine segment. He refered to one of you all’s fisking of the CJR nonsense.


  2. Mike M Says:

    Sweet…our comments are probably getting more viewership than CNN itself if their staff is hitting the site.

    Hey guys, I’m available! And I wager a lot more affordable than the staff you have now (that’s dragging you to the bottom of the ratings like a rusty anchor)…

  3. Mark A. York Says:

    I watched but the question I have is who are you?

  4. Neo Says:

    There used to be this story/fable among investigative reporters that you could approach a politician and/or government official and intimidate them by suggesting that he/she had “once upon a time” done some “scoundrelly act in Tulsa.”

    After reading the Tulsa World story, it had become obvious why that “fable” seems to still have traction.

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