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Jeff Jarvis:

I have come to believe that journalists’ refusal to acknowledge that they are human and are citizens and have opinions is a sort of lie by omission and we have to find better ways to deal with it than gagging them. Journalists are in the business of uncovering truths, not covering them; journalists demand to know what everyone else in the world thinks, yet they hide their own thoughts. Isn’t that a disservice to the public? For it does not allow the public to judge the messenger, as is their right.

I’ve been saying stuff like that for quite a while now. It’s still damn good to hear it from somebody as ‘inside’ the media world as Jarvis (and said well, to boot).

Bottom line: why should the public trust a press corps that refuses to hold itself to the same standards of honesty and transparency that it expects everybody else to live up to? Would any reporter accept from a politician a line like, “How dare you accuse me of having political motives for my actions–that’s an insult to my professional objectivity as a public servant!”

Of course not.

So why do reporters fly into a rage when somebody outside of the MSM guild wants to know who they’re voting for? And why aren’t they willing to be honest enough to answer that very simple question?


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  1. Jeff Harrell Says:

    Interesting that this should come up when it did. Patterico’s post on Barbara Demick’s refusal to express an opinion about North Korea touches on the same subject.

  2. Rod Stanton Says:

    The answer is we should not. And some of us have not for 65 years. After Rathergate most of us do not. The MSM will have to stop burying things outside the party line for us to start trusting them. Like start telling the good news on the War on Terror, tell about the thousands of lives saved every month by gun owners,et cetera.


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