Just though I’d pop in to second Martini Boy’s “thank you” for the contributions of the New Kids last week. I’d promised Steve months ago to step up with a full week of blogging while he was out chasing mescal worms, but as fate would have it, I spent most of that time on airplanes and in meeting rooms instead. Fortunately, Steve had the pre-bender foresight to invite in a merry band of bloggers who more than managed to pick up the slack for both of us.

So again, thanks, folks.

Oh, and regarding that Goldstein fella… [hankhill] That boy ain’t right. [/hankhill]


4 Responses to “Gracias”

  1. Stephen Green Says:

    Jeff remains the funniest man in the blogosphere. And lots of space outside it, too. Especially in bars. Around last call. Don’t ask. Anyway.

    Glad you made it home safe from the belly of the beast, Will. Microsoft’s mind control rays didn’t get to you, did they?

  2. Will Collier Says:

    I barely had time to notice any mind control rays (and no time at all to take the cruise where you can moon Bill’s house)…

  3. wavemaker Says:

    Well thank you Will — a very entertaining week — er….well, not that entertaining, I mean, not as entertaining as Steve…welll, almost as entertaining — in fact, more entertaining in some ways, on some posts.

  4. triticale Says:

    There were others long before Hank Hill to notice somethin’ not quite right about boys the likes of Jeff G.

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