I’m not a golfer, and not a particularly big fan of the game, but today’s Masters final is flat-out mesmerizing. Entertaining whether you really care about the game or not. Chris DiMarco just pulled into a tie with Tiger Woods at the 18th hole after trailing all day, and now they’re going to a playoff.

Go turn it on. This is really worth watching.

UPDATE: Woods got a birdie on the first playoff hole to DiMarco’s par, giving Woods his fourth Masters title. Even if golf means nothing to you (it means very little to me), if you missed this, you really missed something.


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  1. Portsider Says:

    An amazing end to an incredible tournament. Tiger’s shot on 16 will go down among the greatest moments in Masters history. As great as Tiger played, one has to feel for Chris DiMarco. Many a player would have folded against Tiger’s charge, but he stayed strong till the very end. As my favorite golf analyst Ian Baker-Finch would say, “Good on ya, mate!”

  2. Everyman Says:

    Me neither, but I can’t resist watching Tiger charge, and after that chip on 16, I was hooked.

    Sometimes, even golf can get to me. And obviously to you as well.

  3. Will Collier Says:

    I love to watch just about anything played at its highest level. Oddly enough, I’ve been to three of the four golf “grand slam” tournaments (if you include Masters practice rounds), and I’ve had a ball every time.

    That said, you couldn’t get me to watch a “regular season” golf tournament on TV if you put a gun to my head…

  4. hey Says:

    that was an amazing shot on 16, loved how it stopped, then rolled in.

    playoff hole was great. chris got so close with his chip, even though he had completely blown his 2nd shot. was horrible that he had to get destroyed by tiger’s laser birdie put, but he shouldn’t have even been in contention. tiger fell apart on the back 9, hence why chris mad eit back.

    but beautiful golf, and i got to see a lot of mrs. woods jumping up and down……. that’s the only reason you need to watch PGA!!!

    as for the tournaments.. depends on the quality of the field… pebble beack is a good one too, and if you can get into a hospitality tent, any tournament rocks!

  5. denise Says:

    Golf means absolutely nothing to me, and golf on tv is usually only on my set if I feel like I really need a nap.

    Nevertheless, I was glued to the TV watching the last 5 holes. (Not sure how it got turned to CBS to begin with, but glad it did.)

    Tiger’s birdie on 16 was like something out of a movie (Caddyshack without the explosions and Kenny Loggins; I’m sure wherever Rodney Dangerfield is, he was watching and said “Hey, we’re all gonna get laid!”).

  6. Mr. Bingley Says:

    I had the privilege of being there for Thursday’s round. It was amazing. Even with all the rain the greens were very fast. It’s a lovely place that is hillier in real life than it appears on tv, and also much more compact.

  7. old maltese Says:

    Indeed it was quite a finish. Technically, though, DiMarco didn’t par the playoff hole: Woods’s birdie obviated DiMarco’s addressing the ball again (as would have happened to Woods if DiMarco’s chip had gone in). [Kramden and Norton: ‘Address the ball?’ ‘Hello, ball!’]

  8. Johnathan Says:

    Tigger totally rocks. As well as being a terrific player, he is a gent and patriot to boot. Were all sportsfolk like him.

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