Oh, That Liberal Media

The first time I read this New York Sun story, I almost figured it was a put-on. I mean, it’s got ‘punchline’ written all over it: Ted Kennedy’s brother-in-law pleads guilty to political corruption related to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, it’s revealed that he’s been a secret informant to the FBI for years, and oh, by the way, he’s also under investigation for trying to lure young girls into his car using a fake police light. But it’s not a joke–it’s a real story.

And what a story! It’s got corruption, Kennedys, secret informants, Clintons, even weird sexual allegations. You’d think it would be the lead headline from coast to coast.

But funny thing–you can’t find it much of anywhere. It’s nowhere to be seen at CNN.com, even on the Politics page. It’s not on the front of the New York Times website, and the only mention within the site is a canned AP story.

Gee, I thought the Times was supposed to be the ‘newspaper of record,’ with the best reporters in the world–they couldn’t even spare one of them to cover a story involving the Democratic Party’s two most prominent elected officials, Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton?

The Washington Post, allegedly the Times’ biggest competitor for political news, doesn’t mention the story at all. A search for “Raymond Reggie” at WaPo gets no relevant hits.

Golly, I wonder why not.

But have no fear, I’m sure Steve Lovelady and the Columbia Journalism review are on top of things, and will weigh in with a scathing Corey Pein condemnation in no time.

Of course, it’ll be a condemnation of the Sun for daring to print the Reggie story in the first place…

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  1. pete Says:

    1. Why- cause no one cares! Except for those of you dying for another, whew ,sex scandal, whew, kennedy and clinton, whew. Who Cares!!!
    2. Perhaps it is a fake story that the media did look into and decided not to report on a story they couldn’t confirm so people such as yourself wouldn’t drool over another rathergate.
    3.Who Cares!!!

  2. scott orrell Says:

    That’s true, Pete. So instead we’ll get 24 hour coverage of Michael Jackson. Oh, and a missing violin. And Jane Fonda got her face spat in. Man, I’m personally glad the news filter is there to make sure I see these amzingly interesting stories. As opposed to a scandal (political and sexual) concerning the close associate of two very prominent politicians.
    “Nothing to see here folks move along”
    In other words, Petey, smart people care.

  3. RPD Says:

    It wasn’t so long ago that the media was more than happy to cover the John Smith rape case, just because he was related to the Kennedy’s.

    Are we so polarized now that actual Kennedy’s get a pass?

  4. PacRim Jim Says:

    Joe Kennedy raised a passel of worms, huh.

  5. pete Says:

    Scott, are you trying to convince yourself of this- I thought smart people don’t watch MSM.

  6. Rod Stanton Says:

    The Sun is not part of the MSM/DNC. The reason the MSM/DNC gives this story no coverage should be obvious. Just like a guy who lied about his VietNam experience (two tours would have been 26 months – not the 3.6 months he was there.) but somehow no one in the MSM/DNC ever reported that he was telling lies!

  7. Robin Goodfellow Says:

    I would hope that most folks would agree that there is a considerable degree of difference between a “sex scandal” involving perhaps extramarital relations between consenting adults and a case in which the “sex scandal” component involves felonies. More so, I would hope that people would be able to discern the ever so subtle difference between an example of the afformentioned “sex scandal” and a case involving felony fraud to the tune of millions of dollars.

    See, on the one hand you have “sex”, on the other you have “fraud”, these are different things. Pete, I suggest you consult a dictionary if you are still confused about the difference between the two.

  8. Random Birkel Says:


    This is also interesting stuff. But I don’t want to write that much right now. I just don’t want you guys to miss all this as it unfolds.

  9. The Jawa Report Says:

    Religion of Peace Roundup: (Oops!) Honey, I Killed an Infidel edition

    It’s the Religion of Peas Roundup! Pakistani PM claims Islam is “religion of peace and moderation which abhors extremism”. Doesn’t consider Pakistani law which puts to death blasphemers, missionaries, or homosexuals extreme. Moderate Muslim country of …

  10. scott orrell Says:

    Smart people get whatever news they can through whatever sources are available. Most still regard the MSM as the most credible voice. But their credibility is being constantly eroded to a point where the average curious person must constantly check other sources for news, confirmation, or explanation. I, personally, would be pleased if I could rely on my subscription to the LA Times for news. As it is, I can’t, and that’s a shame.
    This is not about catching the MSM in bias for the sake of it, but trying to create an MSM that we can trust.

  11. Gao Says:

    I give this about 15 minutes til the wheels fall of the story. In other words, perhaps the “liberal” media isn’t reporting it because it’s unsubstantiated… but i guess if you’re looking for something you’ll find it.

  12. Jack Says:

    “Reggie, who has maintained his innocence, has waived his right to a jury trial. Ms. McElwee said the judge will probably acquit Reggie. “I’m getting entertainment out of this. I’m certainly not going to get a conviction,” she said.”

    The same article is predicting an aquittal – why isn’t the New York Times all over this? Perhaps because it’s a non-story.

  13. erp Says:

    This guy is Teddy’s brother-in-law. His wife/nurse/caretake’s brother. He’s not a Kennedy, but he does belong to the same genre of scum.

  14. richard mcenroe Says:

    Hey, if he’s not DeLey family, this ain’t news…

  15. ordi Says:


    Yeah it

  16. ordi Says:


    Maybe, I misread your post but I think you are mixing two cases up. The article talks about TWO separate cases against Reggie. One is the Bank Fraud case the other is allegations he impersonated a police officer.

    When Ms. McElwee was talking about not getting a conviction on Reggie she was speaking to the allegations he impersonated a police officer.

  17. The Sundries Shack Says:

    The Missing Story – Day 2

    New York’s third newspaper, the New York Sun, has more details about a story I noted yesterday.

    A New Orleans political consultant who is Senator Kennedy’s brother-in-law, Raymond Reggie, has been operating in Democratic circles for the last three…

  18. Media Lies Says:

    All the King’s horses and all the King’s men….

    ….may not be able to put Hillary back together again. OTOH, with the old media on her side, she’ll have plenty of room to wiggle.

    UPDATE: If you haven’t been accused of or charged with some sort of corruption, married into a family who can boast someone who has, stabbed someone in the back (metaphorically or otherwise) for political gain, or – at the very least – b…

  19. Dan Says:

    Please take a look at the story I tracked back to this post. I think you’ll find it sheds some interesting light on the Reggie legacy.

  20. Marla Says:

    If you come up with a martini olive blogroll category, I want in 🙂

  21. Commonwealth Conservative Says:

    Not surprising

    It’s not surprising that the MSM chooses to ignore this story, yet gives us wall to wall Michael Jackson coverage.

  22. Robin Goodfellow Says:

    Gao and Scott seem to be having the same reading comprehension difficulties that so plagued pete earlier.

    Let us review:

    1. sex

    2. fraud

    See, these are entirely different things. One hint would be that the terms are spelled and pronounced entirely differently. This would be a tipoff to even an illiterate person who was incapable of finding or understanding the different definitions of these terms.

    Also note that, as mentioned above, Reggie has plead guilty in the multi-million dollar federal bank fraud case.

  23. Doug Says:


    This was in the local paper on Friday.

  24. 6Gun Says:

    Kinda makes one wonder what constitutes liberal media, eh? I mean, despite the solid reporting on this latest demo debacle, Drudge ignored it, and the neos at NR did too.

    Too busy sucking up to the center? Did the Hillary Machine get to them beforehand?

    Somehow I couldn’t bring myself to check if the intellectuals at lucianne.com ever brought it up…

  25. JeffK Says:

    Bias is as bias does, and Richard McEnroe pegged it right: nonstories only get covered in the MSM if they’ll hurt a major Republican. Period.

    The culture war continues.

  26. Bindare Says:

    Just ask yourself if this would have better publicized if it was an allegation about Tom Delay.

  27. Blind Mind's Eye Says:

    So how about them Kennedys…

    They sure know how to pick the families that they marry into, like the Reggie family of Louisiana which has a long history of corruption. Must be a match made in heaven for them. Well this one, who acted as a FBI informant, got busted:

    At a federa…

  28. Crank Says:

    Have you ever read Michael Kelly’s scathing early-90s profile of Ted K? (Don’t know if it’s on the web but it’s in the Kelly anthology). If you have, the whole soliciting-underage-girls-to-get-in-his-car motif may sound eerily familiar.

  29. Cybrludite Says:

    Wait, Pete & Co. are serious… They read like a half-assed parody!

  30. carla Says:

    Or ask yourself if the story is TRUE.

    New York Sun? ROFL

  31. Tony Says:

    For what it’s worth, the NYT ran the story on April 23: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/04/23/nyregion/23hillary.html

    But it’s not worth that much credit, given that it was the “New York Region” section only, and there’s been no followup since.

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