The Needle Is Way Too Good For Him

Zacarias Moussaoui pleaded guilty Friday to conspiring with the Sept. 11 attackers and declared he was chosen by Osama bin Laden to fly an airliner into the White House in a separate assault.

Over the objection of his lawyers, Moussaoui calmly admitted his guilt in a courtroom a few miles from where one of the hijacked planes crashed into the Pentagon in 2001, setting up a showdown with prosecutors who quickly reaffirmed they will seek Moussaoui’s execution.

“I will fight every inch against the death penalty,” Moussaoui told U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema as he became the only person convicted in a U.S. court in connection with the Sept. 11 plot that killed nearly 3,000 people.

The unshackled Moussaoui, wearing a beard and green prison jumpsuit, told the judge he had not been promised a lighter sentence for his guilty pleas. Then he added, “I don’t expect any leniency from the Americans.”

Nor should you, you murderous son of a bitch.


45 Responses to “The Needle Is Way Too Good For Him”

  1. Full Auto Says:

    I know what you mean Will, but dead is dead, and the sooner he gets that way the better.

  2. Easycure Says:

    The thing most of the world doesn’t get is that we are not just pissed off for crimes against Americans, but pissed off for crimes done against mankind as a whole.

    This Moussaoui POS will get his due when somebody in the general prison population shanks his ass.

  3. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Will Collier
    RE: The Pig House for Him

    I counsel life imprisonment without parole.

    His term will be served as follows:

    [1] Leavenworth federal prison.
    [2] His duties will include working the pig farm there.
    [3] His meals will be what everyone else eats. No special consideration for his wishes.
    [4] When he finally dies, his carcass will be fed to the same pigs he was tending.



  4. Sandy P Says:

    Life imprisonment – he wants to be a martyr. Deny him.

  5. The Jawa Report Says:

    Moussaoui pleads guilty, but why are we treating him like a ‘criminal’?

    Finally, a conviction stemming from 9/11. Unfortunately we don’t need convictions. One of the reasons suicidal terrorists are so vexing is that, well, they are suicidal. If death has no deterrent effect, why would a jail sentence? Treating terrorism as…

  6. erp Says:

    If he goes to prison, he’ll only recruit more warriors for Allah. Execute him by whatever method the state allows and then bury him in the arms of a big, fat, female pig.

    Allah will deny him entrance to paradise. Where do brave soldiers of Islam go when they are denied paradise? Anyone out there know?

  7. Severian Says:

    How about a special penalty for the most heinous criminals and terrorists. Remove the genitalia, the arms at the shoulder, the legs at the hip, the eyes, deafen the ears, remove the tongue, install a feeding tube, and then let them live out the rest of their lives in this sensory deprived hell?

    There are things worse than death, let’s have a punishment people would really fear.

    We really do need an Order of the Seekers for Truth and Penitence (obligatory obscure reference to see if anyone is well read).

  8. plainslow Says:

    Apparentley, all we really need to do is put his underwear on his head.

  9. RyMaN600 Says:

    Screw the death penalty. I agree, that’s exactly what he wants. Let him get shanked in the ass for the next forty years.

    With bacon fat lube.

  10. Joan of Argghh! Says:

    If we repay in kind, I say put this guy in a safety-sealed room atop some skyscraper, set the room on fire, and give him a choice.

    What you propose, Severian, is sub-human and repulsive and should be reserved solely for violent pedophiles. Since these sub-humans have given themselves over to sensory stimulation, total depravation seems a just retribution.

  11. African Moonbat Says:

    I think that Chuck has the better idea.

  12. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: African Moonbat
    RE: I Wonder…

    “I think that Chuck has the better idea.” — African Moonbat

    …if we could get Al-Jazeera to show THAT video? The one of the pigs consuming Moussaoui’s body?



  13. PacRim Jim Says:

    A small, bare cell with a bucket. A flickering neon lamp. A screen playing All in the Family, 24×7 at 100 dB. Food from a deli. And a sign supposedly pointing to Mecca that is repositioned daily from the exterior. And a blog where people could send in more suggestions.

  14. ed Says:

    Book one, The Shadow of the Torturer, from the The Book of the New Sun series. Gotta be 25 years old. It’s around here somewhere.


  15. richard mcenroe Says:

    Let’s not get too baroque here. A pike set in the pavement on NYC property across from the UN, will be a perfect place to display the head.

  16. Rob Read Says:

    Simply put Mossy at the top of the UN building, start it buring down, fill the sprinkler system with bacon fat…

  17. rosignol Says:

    I have mixed feelings about this.

    On the one hand, there is a desire for bloody vengance that many of the other commenters here seem to feel.

    On the other, I wouldn’t want anyone on my side of this fight to have to carry out any of the suggestions here. Recreational atrocities are a trademark of the other side, we’re better than that.

  18. Severian Says:

    Way to go Ed! You win the ceegar!

    Great series of books, ol’Master Gurloes would set these criminals right!

  19. richard mcenroe Says:


  20. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: rosignol
    RE: UUuuuuuhhhh…

    “I wouldn’t want anyone on my side of this fight to have to carry out any of the suggestions here.” — rosignol

    …am I not on “your side of this fight”?

    I’m more than willing to:

    [1] Spare this perp the death sentence.
    [2] Fulfill the punishment I proposed upon the perp.
    [3] Make the punishment, at its end, fully viewable to the others of his ilk, as a deterant to their participating in his behavior.

    Tell me….what’s ‘wrong’ with that? If you haven’t got the gonads to prevent another disaster, please stand out of the way of people who do have what it takes to stop the war.



  21. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: rosignol
    RE: Recreation?

    “Recreational atrocities are a trademark of the other side, we’re better than that.” — rosignol

    Hardly ‘recreation’, working a pig farm for the rest of one’s natural life. Did it as part of a summer job supporting the Animal Pathology lab at UNE.

    Actually, pigs are cleaner than sheep.



  22. Chuck Pelto Says:

    P.S. What is ‘recreational’ about doing something lots of other people do for a ‘living’?

    Furthermore, what is an attrocity about doing something lots of other people do of their own free will for a living?

    Or are you suggesting we should empty all of the prisons NOW?

  23. richard mcenroe Says:

    I want Moussawi dead. I don’t want any “Free Moussawi” marches and I don’t want him alive to serve as a prize for future hostage takers.

  24. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: richard macenroe
    RE: What You Want

    “I want Moussawi dead. I don’t want any “Free Moussawi” marches and I don’t want him alive to serve as a prize for future hostage takers.” — richard macenroe

    I want him as an example to all of his ilk who might follow him.

    In the long run, when he has become an example of how everyone who would like to try for ‘paradise’ ends up going to you-know-where instead, we’ll have fewer such individuals to deal with.

    Pershing proved this in the PIs in the early 1900s.

    We should learn from his experience.



  25. richard mcenroe Says:

    Mmm. And we were only in the Philippines for about 50 years after that…

  26. PSGInfinity Says:

    ..but we weren’t fighting the parasitic fascists, either…

  27. Kevin Says:

    Many ways of delivering this nice man to his final resting place. But few more satisfying than a method from his own homeland.

    Lock him in a cage and travel across the country by train. At each stop have a concession open for stones. By the time he does one round trip on America’s rail line I’m sure a)he’d be dead. b)The deficit would be reduced. c)DVD sales would skyrocket.

    And just think. There are even more terrorists availible. If you listen to the MSM we are making them in droves.

  28. mrsizer Says:

    As interesting as all the suggestions are, I think obscurity is a better choice. Stick him in some federal prison in the middle of nowhere. He’ll be murdered quickly enough. Even if he’s not, his fate should be like the closing scene of Indiana Jones: Lost in the system, filed away with the rest of the junk. Let his body rot in a unmarked grave. If it could be arranged, don’t even announce his death. Let him just vanish – so much for glorious martyrdom.

  29. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: richard macenroe
    RE: Yeah….

    “And we were only in the Philippines for about 50 years after that [beating the s— out of the Moros]…” — richard macenroe

    And we weren’t fighting the Moros anymore, to the best of my knowledge. They didn’t like the idea of going to hell because they’d been shot with bullets dipped in pigs blood; the pig being slaughtered before the condemneds’ eyes and the firing detail slathering the bullets in the blood before loading them into their rifles.]



  30. RobertJ Says:

    Moussaoui isn’t worth anymore time or effort than it takes to put a bullet in his head.

  31. richard mcenroe Says:

    Actually the Moros remained a problem well into the 1950’s… remember the Huk Rebellion?

  32. jassim Says:

    The trail of “logical” comments posted here proves the notion that the rest of the world carries about America.
    blinded by the steroid-induced minds of your people , you all have ceased to understand that this guy is just a looney , who in no ways represents islam or anything beyond his narrow ideology.
    But the tone of racial slur reflected in here forces me to agree with the rest of the world together with the rest of sensible americans that yeah ….
    USA is temporarily in the hands of right-wing fundamentalists ….
    How different is moussaoui from any of you ?
    given a chance i expect more than this from one of you …
    may god bless you with the power of thought

  33. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: richard mcenroe
    RE: The Moros

    “Actually the Moros remained a problem well into the 1950’s… remember the Huk Rebellion?” — richard mcenroe

    Actually, they didn’t cease to exist. We did not practice genocide. And after Pershing’s example, they were not nearly anywhere near the problem they had been.

    As for the Huk Rebellion, and even now, I suspect that if the PI government applied the Pershing treatment, they’d have fewer problems.



  34. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: jassim
    RE: Oh Pulease…..

    …spare us your ‘projection’; steroid-induced minds, right-wing fundamentalists, etc.



  35. Chuck Pelto Says:

    P.S. My brother-in-law is a Muslim. I know Moussaoui is a jerk. And not the ‘norm’. However, looking at history, knowing a bit more about ‘politics’ than a lot of others and comparing things of the past to the current environment, I can see how Islam could be overtaken by the sort of ilk that Moussaoui follows. All too easily. Just like christianity was taken over in the certain ways in the Second Millenia.

    We’re trying to grow out of that problem. But from the looks of the “Arab Street”, they’re trying to grow into it….again.

  36. Rod Stanton Says:

    He is one of the bad guys on the list that should be killed in the name of justice.

  37. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: jassim
    RE: Additional Thoughts

    I’d just as soon kill my brother-in-law, a very brilliant scientist, as I would kill my sister.

    Now, here’s the interesting part about that statement….

    In Islam, as practiced in some parts of the world, i.e., Pakistan, Norway, Germany, France, Sweden, God-only-knows-wherelse, killing females is perfectly legal.

    My statement (above) would put a degree of fear in a ‘law-abiding’ Muslim, who believes in ‘honor killings’. However, from a christian perspective, it would be a source of peace.

    Therein is a ‘key indicator’, as we would say in the Army, of the strength of one view over another.

    Keep that in mind, bucko, next time your sister wants to date a non-Muslim. Wanna kill her? [Note: The preceeding based on the assumption that you are a ‘Muslim’.]



  38. rosignol Says:

    How different is moussaoui from any of you ?

    If anyone posting here was learning to fly an airplane, we’d want to know how to land it.

    Moussaoui didn’t. That’s a pretty significant difference in my book.

  39. Cupie Says:

    This pinko wants the bitch to rot and burn, oh yes. 🙂

  40. Robin Roberts Says:

    Jassim, the difference between Moussaoui and us is that we are not training to fly civilian airliners into muslim cities to destroy the entire muslim civilization.

    A small difference to you, I know …

  41. Dave in Texas Says:

    That we permitted him to be tried in a court of law is evidence of our ‘leniency’, as the bastard put it.

  42. ali Says:

    So I want the guy dead, but I think executing him is probably too martyrlicious. Since his fanatical buddies get off on the idea of dying for their twisted cause, it’s far better to do what someone above said, and toss him in an obscure federal prison out in the Midwest somewhere. I’d give him a day before he’s in the morgue, if that, and it has the extra added benefit of being completely glory-free. A miserable death, carried out by the lowest thugs in American society.

  43. Vox Dilecti Says:

    yeah the martyr thing can prove a bit too much, but the fact that the criminal wants a certain punishment should not impede our judicial system’s right or desire to administer it.

    even if he did get life in prison …
    (anyone favoring that would be committing political suicide – and the UN and EU better shut the hell up if we execute him)
    … i want to echo a previous poster’s sentiments and put my hope in the general prison populations of our most hardened institutions. Jeffrey Dahmer was done in there and I think Moussauoi could be bludgeoned to death much quicker before that. Hopefully we do not have a policy on providing extra protection to celebrity criminals. Anyone with experience as a correcntions officer have any insight please>?

  44. Justin Says:

    You couldn’t have put that better. Thank you.

  45. rosignol Says:

    I’d give him a day before he’s in the morgue, if that, and it has the extra added benefit of being completely glory-free. A miserable death, carried out by the lowest thugs in American society.


    If he is sentenced to life in a supermax prison, he should be imprisoned for the rest of his natural life. Preferrably in solitary.

    This is not about Moussaoui. This is about law- being sentenced to life in prison should not be a de facto death sentence. If I want someone to die, I am willing to state it openly- not say one thing, and hope someone else does my dirty work.

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