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Dash Rip Rock, the greatest bar band that never quite made the big time, has joined the hordes of podcasters with a recurring show hosted by founder Bill Davis. A feast for Dash-o-philes and a treat for just about anybody who likes music, it’s chock full of demos, rarities and live tracks, as well as comments and stories from Bill and a sampling of his faves from other artists. Check it out, it’s Dash-tastic.

Speaking of Dash fans, if anybody out there can hook me up with a copy of “Ned, Fred and Dickhead,” the live disc Bill mentions in podcast #1 (which features a killer version of “Operator” from that CD, recorded by the original Dash lineup in 1986), or even just tell me where I can buy a copy, you will get a Genuine Certified Thing. Drop me a line if you know where I can get that one.


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  1. Frank Anderson Says:

    God damn, I remember them! They sang, “Let’s go smoke some pot” to the tune of…you know. What have those guys been doing other than that?

  2. PacRim Jim Says:

    Dash Riprock was a character on the Beverly Hillbillies in the early 1960s. That’s where the name came from.

  3. Will Collier Says:

    Frank, it’s a funny thing, “Pot” was as close as Dash ever got to having a genuine hit single, and it was a song they recorded as a joke–one that almost nobody got. It was actually a parody about the early 90’s Lollapalooza bands that walked around in a stoner haze (they’ve updated it recently for the Bonaroo generation), but kids and DJs took it literally when it started airing on drive-time FM radio shows. It’s kind of a shame that dumb song is what they’re mostly remembered for outside of their fan base. Why not “Old Bridge,” or “True Drunk Love” or “Operator” or “Johnny Ace” instead (for that matter, they have a ton of songs that’re a lot funnier than “Pot”). *sigh*

    Anyway with something like 8 albums, they’ve done an awful lot of other stuff. IMO, their best stuff was the first 4-5 albums, particularly the first two with Fred LeBlanc (now with Cowboy Mouth, which was named after a lyric in a Dash song) on drums. But really, I can listen to anything from their debut record through “Tiger Town,” just about anytime.

  4. Frank Anderson Says:

    Thanks for the advice.

  5. Frank Anderson Says:

    Thanks for the advice.

  6. Frank Anderson Says:

    Sorry for the double post.

  7. Donald Says:


    Dash, Jason and the Scorchers, and the Beat Farmers. I was able to look at country music for the first time all because of them. 1985, I’ve been in the Navy for 3 years, I get out, they’re playing the Cotton Club in Atlanta. I show up and Chris Luckette is on drums now. About 1/2 way through Fred shows up to do a couple of songs, bangs them out, then goes diving into the crowd to get caught and passed around. Instead everybody steps back and he crashes to the concrete floor in obvious pain. The mirth on Bill’s and Ned’s face was one of the most priceless things I ever saw. I saw them maybe 100 times before Ned left, never once did they do anything less than leave the crowd exhausted.


  8. Sekimori Says:

    I once appeared in their monthly newsletter…yes, fully clothed. How many points does that get me? 🙂

  9. Trashman Says:

    They were my favorite local band when I attended LSU in the late 1980s. Fred Leblanc could spit a wad 20 feet in the air and catch it in his mouth on the way down and Hoakie was the best-looking man in show business. I always scored with a bowhead when I saw Dash.

  10. Will Collier Says:

    Stacy, as ever, I am in awe. Well, except for the bama thing, of course.

    Remind me sometime to tell the story about trying to get to Harry’s with Hoakey and a bunch of other Dash loonies after the Supper Club closed up for the night.

  11. Lance Says:

    I remember Dash Rip Rock from my UGA days. I dated a very strange gymnast who….well….lets just say that for some bizarre reason found Dash Rip Rock music to be very stimulating. Of course that kind of action would probably kill me these days. Weird. thanks for the flashback Will

  12. Brian Moore Says:

    The comments about “Pot” highlight a schizophrenic aspect of Dash shows I’ve seen over the years: they either do a jokey show for college audiences, with their goofy songs and offbeat covers at the fore, or they do a straight-ahead, ferocious rock ‘n’ roll show, with ballsy covers like The Replacements’s “Can’t Hardly Wait” and CCR’s “Born on the Bayou.” I’ll take the latter anyday, especially since the former seems the direct result of “Pot’s” popularity.

    The most amusing Dash show I ever saw was an impromptu performance at Jackson’s famous (and now closed) Subway Lounge. The Subway was an old blues juke with a mixed crowd which opened at midnight and closed whenever everybody left or passed out – just the drunken place for Dash to shine. They staggered in at around 3 a.m., tried hitting on some chicks to little success, then played a fairly competent set of blues sprinkled with a few funny, slurred jokes. Nobody knew who they were, but everyone liked ’em just fine.



  13. Kinch1 Says:

    I used to watch them play while at LSU back before their drummer left to become the drummer for Cowboy Mouth.

  14. redclay Says:

    “mud island” is the best thing they ever did.

  15. mike Says:

    I remember seeing Dash for the first time at the fabulous and (at the time almost brand new) Howling Wolf in New Orleans on Lunde Gras, back in 1990.

    Even in my gin and hurricane induced stupor I could tell that they were one of the best live acts I’d seen. Unfortunately, the only live recording of theirs that I own is Boiled Alive.

    They took the stage somewhere around 2 am and carried on till god knows when. All I know is that we were still too altered to stagger under our own power to the Zulu parade that morning.

    Hope you find that recording chief.

  16. Mike Hall Says:

    Thanks for such a great reference to the Dash Podcast. I’m the tech guy who is helping Bill get the podcast edited and published online. Bill is having a great time doing the podcast and claims to have an almost endless supply of old demos and other recordings from the past 20 years.

    I’m headed to Athens, GA tonight to hear Dash play with Drivin’ n’ Cryin’. I’ll have the iRiver and microphone in hand to hopefully do some soundseeing with Bill pre-show and possibly get some of their show recorded. It’ll be on the podcast if it turns out.

    Thanks for the comments and Dash recollections. Send Bill comments and feedback about the podcasts to:

  17. Will Collier Says:

    My pleasure, Mike, keep up the good work. Best to Bill and the rest-o-Dash.

    Now, about that copy of “Ned, Fred and Dickhead”…

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