I got 101 without even using the shotgun.

Okay, I didn’t know how to use the shotgun yet, but still..

P.S. I’d get mad at the Pod for posting bad E3 dialogue in the Corner–but I have to forgive the guy, ’cause I thought the opening wasn’t until tomorrow night, and would have wasted my ticket.

No, it is tomorrow night. Stupid Pod.


7 Responses to “OCH! ZOMBIES!”

  1. Klug Says:

    I sure wish I knew if there’s an end to the carnage or if they keep coming; that old dude sure has a lot of ammo on his belt…

  2. charlie Says:

    Press the <Shift> key to pick up the shotgun. Hint via Mike at fecesflingingmonkey.com.

  3. chaika Says:

    The shotgun pretty much blows donkeys on that game. It takes about a week and a half to reload the thing.

    Hold me Annakin!

  4. Joan Says:

    Heh. I like Pod, really I do. It’s just that as a movie reviewer, and not to put too fine a point on this, he sucks.

    I’m taking my kids to the first matinee after they get out of school on Thursday. My 2nd grader has already done all his homework for the week so we can go! That is one motivated kid.

    … and no, I will never, ever get into zombie-killing. I have too many other time-wasters going already.

  5. Ken Landa Says:

    Bubba Ho Tep? Although I don’t specifically remember the quote, that seems a likely source. Of course, I’m drunk.


  6. Joe Bonforte Says:

    You wuss! I’ve done 149 without the shotgun.

    It seems to be only worthwhile to quickly get the last couple in a round.

  7. cube Says:

    I got 190.


    a guy posted on my post that he got 239, so i guess that is the score to beat.

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