And Now For Something Completely Different

Ever heard of Henry Raddick? He’s been something of an internet sensation for years now, but I was blissfully unaware of his fame until a friend emailed me this link to his Amazon reviews, which frankly defy description (beyond the word “hysterical,” that is). A sample, in this case a review for “Know Your Pug”:

An excellent guide which is helping me get to know my pug Grendel, which is not an easy job. My children have taken to attaching surprisingly realistic stick-on ears to his rump and he turned around and bit me recently when I tried to put a piece of cheese rind into what I thought was his mouth.

There are dozens more, and they get weirder and funnier as you go along. Happy grazing…


11 Responses to “And Now For Something Completely Different”

  1. beautifulatrocities Says:

    Wow, that makes him sort of a proto-blogger

  2. m Says:

    I had never heard of him. And with your link, I’ve been helplessly giggling for about an hour.
    “Top Gnu.”
    I think he’s Iowahawk.

  3. Crank Says:

    This may be my favorite, in a review for a throwaway bio of Patrick Swayze:

    A moving and well told memoir though a surprising and disappointing gift to be given by my colleagues after putting in 23 years of hard work at that company.

  4. MD Says:

    Ok, this guy is some kind of demented genius….or off his meds.

    You know, someone somewhere ought to have a blog consisting just of links to all the weird, funny, odd, touching (and sometimes, frankly crazed) comments out there. Surely one already exists?

  5. ricky Says:

    GOOD STUFF! Now I’ve started my weekend early and haven’t finished a dang thing since reading your post!

  6. Bostonian Says:

    “I told him not to judge a book from its cover, but that’s hardly an argument to persuade a man who to this day refuses even to shake hands with a man if he is wearing corduroy.”

    I love this guy!!! Thank you for pointing me to his reviews!!!

  7. beloml Says:

    I’ve always wondered if this is the same guy who has the blog Chase Me Ladies, I’m in the Cavalry:

    They’re both addictive!

  8. George Junior Says:

    Sunday roundabout

    Normblog is polling the top ten movie stars. Over at A E Brain, a young artist announces his presence to the world. There’s politics and Doctor Who at Biased BBC. Oxblog highlights the organic adventures of Ham Solo and Chewbroccoli….

  9. G-Dub Says:

    This is classic!

    “Bred Any Good Rooks Lately? (Intrepid Linguistic Library)”

    “I love spoonerisms and puns and this book has a ton of them. My favourite example in the book is the one where Anne Widdecombe made her speech to the Tory faithful on the evils of European monetary integration. She meant to say “I don’t want a European to snatch my pound” but she ended up saying pound my snatch, which made for an image I tried in vain to supress in my imagination. All in all an excellent light read.”

  10. The Coalition of the Swilling Says:

    Amazon Book Reviews

    Twenty some odd pages of some of the most twisted, impossibly clever one paragraph treasures I’ve ever read. Tom Cruise (Overcoming Adversity) by Phelan Powell~ Pig-ignorance no bar to fame and fortune, February 11, 2002 The public only see the…

  11. Robert Says:

    I have been enjoying Henry’s reviews for a couple of years now. More fun Amazon reviews can be found for Bil Keane’s Family Circus books. It takes a bit of work, as he has a lot of books and it appears that Amazon cleans out the bizarre reviews from time-to-time, but the write-ups are well worth the trouble of the search.

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