Miller Time

I’m not sure why I neglected to post this earlier (probably because my own contribution was so sloppily written), but Lance McMurray at Red State Rant offered several bloggers the chance to ask questions of former Senator (and Governor) Zell Miller in a bloggerific group interview. Lance has posted the results in two parts, and it’s good stuff–my outbreak of grammar and punctuation dysfunction being a notable exception.

Here’s Part 1, and Part 2. Thanks again to Lance for doing all the real work, and for inviting me to participate.


4 Responses to “Miller Time”

  1. Ben Lange Says:

    I thought this post would be about Reggie Miller.

    Damn, damn, damn.

  2. Kyle Jelle Says:

    I know how ya feel, Ben. I was expecting Dennis Miller.

  3. Kevin Snyder Says:

    Will…is this you? I was talking to a guy that works at Lockheed in front of my partner (Tom Lacy). I asked the guy if he knew Will Collier. He said no but my partner said “is that the guy on vodkapundit blog?” I said I have no idea but it would not supprise me as much as Will likes to write. Anyway…if this is you which a few of the blogs sound like you …”redneck riveria” etc. let me know.

  4. Will Collier Says:

    Hey, Kevin. Yep, “it’s me.” Now, are there any Xavier stories fit for posting on a family website…?

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