That’s Gonna Leave A Mark

Hugh Hewitt:

[I]t doesn’t pay enough to be a professional lefty activist, er, reporter. People get bitter as a result.

Why doesn’t it pay enough? Because the marketplace doesn’t want that product. Will MSM’s rank and file ever figure it out that their own vision of themselves is delusional? Sure, they can tell each other how noble are their efforts, how invaluable their “exposes,” but the only reliable measure is the marketplace, and “professional journalism” of the MSM variety is on the ropes. The customer isn’t interested. The reality is that journalists don’t matter all that much –and consequently aren’t paid all that much– because ordinary Americans aren’t waiting with rapt attention in anticipation of being told what to think by a bunch of reporters and producers.

Ouch. I mean, ouch.


4 Responses to “That’s Gonna Leave A Mark”

  1. richard mcenroe Says:

    That’s why SMART MSM meme monkeys are jumping on the mandatory-subscription license teat, like the BBC and Australian Broadcasting (ABC and SBS). No wonder they look to Europe with such longing…

  2. Crank Says:

    Actually, I think low salaries in journalism are more a matter of too much supply than too little demand. The blogosphere proves that plenty of people are willing to be journalists for free. (Teachers have the same problem, although the supply would be much lower if there were more quality controls).

  3. erp Says:

    “journalists… aren’t paid all that much … .”

    Maybe that’s why so many of them try to make an extra buck by writing tell-all books?

  4. Tim Higgins Says:

    It says something about the dems that they are the party of people with degrees in education and journalism. Look at me! I know how to write about stuff! I know how to teach about stuff! Sorry guys, I like people who know how to DO stuff.

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