Bad Wevva! Take covva!

The Blogfaddah says he’s headed for the beach. For his sake, I sure hope he didn’t mean Destin or Panama City.

In other news, the wife and I have tickets for Music Midtown in Atlanta this weekend. I’m packing the scuba gear just as soon as this gets posted…

UPDATE: From last night, Francine Reed…
… and Lou Reed (no relation):

Look, it’s a cell phone. It’s really not that much of a camera…


4 Responses to “Bad Wevva! Take covva!”

  1. Donald Says:

    Well, I wouldn’t mind seeing Francine and the Pixies I suppose…

  2. slickdpdx Says:

    Lou Reed is one of the folks I bumped into while I was living in NYC. I barely hit him but he’s light as a feather and nearly went down. I think someone caught him. He’s really small too.

  3. Michael Tinkler Says:

    Mmmm, Francine Reed. One of the things I miss about Atlanta . . . .

  4. rbj Says:

    Man I’d love to see Lou live. Rock and Roll Animal is one of my all time favorite records. Just need to get a new needle to play it.

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