Music Midtown Cellphone Photo Update

From Saturday night, John Fogerty, who can still hit every single note in the old Creedence songs:


… and Tom Petty, who unfortunately played a half hour less than the set was billed at. Still, great performance from TP and the Heartbreakers, even though it rained pretty much the whole time:


Tonight it’s a bunch of acts that fall under “I’d wouldn’t mind seeing them, but I’d never buy a ticket for any of them by themselves,” so we’re waiting the weather out a bit before deciding whether to go or not.


5 Responses to “Music Midtown Cellphone Photo Update”

  1. andy Says:

    You chose TP over the Pixies?

    Have you no shame?!


    (assuming the schedule posted on the Midtown website was correct)

  2. plainslow Says:

    Was he good enough (John Fogerty) that you are going to see him at Red Rocks this year?
    I like Red Rocks, but on a tuesday it’s difficult. Canon City is a ways away for a night work night concert.

  3. Crank Says:

    See, Fogerty must be glad now he never wrote anything with high notes. And that his band breaking up 30 years ago kept him from blowing his voice out like Jagger.

  4. Jim Hudson Says:

    It’s like “Deja Vu All over Again” to see “Fortunate Sons” on conservative weblogs enjoying musicians who would have nothing to do with their politics.It reminds me of the President’s iPod loaded with the music of artists who despise his policies. You get Toby Keith;we’ll take John Fogerty. But I guess Music trumps Politics.

  5. Jack Halifax Says:

    Anyone who takes the political views of musicians seriously is playing with less than a full deck. Most bright people take that for granted.

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