Eugene Volokh and the Blogfaddah are on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show right now. They’re talking about the SCOTUS eminent domain decision, natch.

UPDATE: Over now.


4 Responses to “Heads-Up”

  1. sven10077 Says:

    “well if the city wants to up revenue to fill campaign coffers what are we to do about it?”

    YOUR Liberal wing of the SCotUS

  2. Ol' BC Says:

    I’m with Justice O’Connor on this one. When I was in school eminent domain was for “public use” not public revenue.

  3. Rod Stanton Says:

    The last several years this court has been more liberal than the infamous “Warren Court”. At least the Warren Court pretended to show respect for the American Constitution.

  4. William Young Says:

    FYI, guys, telling your readers anything about “now” is useless, since there’s no TIME information in the permalink timestamp info you guys use on this site.

    It’s sort of like arriving at a store with a “Back in five minutes” sign on the door. Five minutes from WHEN?

    Not to be mean, though.

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