Needed: Hobbits With Hyperdrive

Forget about Darth Vader–here’s a real Dark Lord. The Hubble space telescope has located Sauron.

Here’s a larger picture.


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  1. rbj Says:

    That’s funny, it doesn’t look like Karl Rove (jk.)

  2. The LLama Butchers Says:

    The Lidless Eye in Space

    Has Sauron gone interstellar? You’d think so from this coo-el Hubble photo of what is actually an out-of-whack ring of dust particles in orbit around Fomalhaut, a star 25 light years away. The theory seems to be that the…

  3. Cake Eater Chronicles Says:

    It’s LOOKING At Me!!!!

    Holy Crap! Sauron is real! I could never be described as a Tolkein junkie EVER, but that, I must admit, is pretty freakin’ cool. Provided the all-seeing-eye doesn’t see me. {Hat Tip: Martini Boy’s Bartender}…

  4. Says:

    Creepy Things In Outer Space

    No, the title does not refer to Tom Cruise’s new movie War of the Worlds.
    It refers to this, with a tip of the Fedora to Vodkapundit.

    That’s just too creepy. And to think, I’ve looked at that star perhaps a dozen times and never fe…

  5. Jason Murphy Says:

    Galactic Eye of Sauron

    Vodkapundit points us to the greatest Hubble finding, the Eye of Sauron.

    Trekkies that believe in the Enterprise may be on to something. It is appearing more and more that all these Sci-Fi fantasies truly exist in the universe somewhere. Remember th…

  6. The Loudest Cricket Says:

    Great Eye of Sauron

    He has not been destroyed. Someone call back Frodo. Hat Tip: Vodka Pundit…

  7. erp Says:

    #1 – Part of his evil genius is the ability to cloud men’s eyes.

  8. ninme Says:


    Vodka Pundit – Needed: Hobbits With Hyperdrive Forget about Darth Vader—here’s a real Dark Lord. The Hubble space telescope has located Sauron. Here’s a larger picture. ninme quakes…

  9. The Ziggurat of Doom Says:

    An eye about to blink

    Vodkapundit points out that we are all doomed.

  10. BeckyJ Says:

    Quick! Throw the ring into the nebula!

  11. Devil's Advocate Says:

    I See You

    Apparently, contrary to literature, the Dark Lord is alive and well and watching us all from the dark reaches of space.

  12. JABBER Says:

    Hmmmmm…we spot Sauron on the same day that the Supremes strike a blow against property rights.


    I think not…

  13. Pejmanesque Says:


    Er . . . um . . . (Link via Will Collier.)…

  14. Chopper City Says:

    Penultimate Post of the Night, Beyotch

    Via Will Collier of VodkaPundit, I saw this today. Here’s a better picture. And this is reasonably close by, too.

    And they can say this is evidence of planet formation, but I wonder if something else isn’t going on….

  15. Cybrludite Says:


  16. Pink Kitty's Scratching Post Says:

    Dirty Tricksy Hobbitses!

    The title has little to do with the post. I just haven’t gotten my Gollum quotes in for a while.

    Hubble is a little like a Palantir isn’t it?

  17. Isaac Schrödinger Says:

    Sauron is Back, Again

    And this time he’s really pissed off. I smell a sequel. LOTR: The Return of the Ring. Link via Pej

  18. Pirates! Man Your Women! Says:

    Go get him Frodo! lets us know that Sauro…

  19. The New Editor Says:

    Hubble Spies Lord of the Stellar Rings

    More cool stuff from the Hubble Telescope. Read the story here. See the picture here. (Via Vodkapundit)

    A spectacular, luminous ring offers the best evidence yet that a nearby star is circled by a newly formed solar system.

    The ring is composed of d

  20. Heffeweizen and Ho Fun Says:

    Do you think…

    …that God watches movies? Who knows? But this suggests that he’s seen at least one. 🙂 “One nebula to bind them…”
    Thanks to Will over at VodkaPundit for the link.

  21. Alan K. Henderson Says:

    Recently discovered that Fomalhaut is also the home of Gordon R. Dickson’s Dorsai. Will have to read that series out of curiosity now.

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