Hurricane Update

I’m hearing from friends in south Alabama and the Florida Panhandle that thus far, Dennis has done much less damage than anticipated. “Nothing like Ivan” is what I’m hearing from several people. That’s no consolation to those who did get severe damage, though, and I’m sure there are plenty of them. The beaches in Destin and Walton County are said to be extremely eroded by the storm surge.

My folks (in Alabama) didn’t even lose electricity, for once. After Opal in 1995, it was out for over a week.

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  1. Kenny Says:

    Hey Will,

    Get the latest from us here. We blogged Ivan to death and we’re publishing Dennis into a tropical depression too.

  2. Pat Says:

    The media hype was so great on this storm, I am afraid residents will pooh-pooh a CAT-3 the next time, and not take defensive measures.

    My advice, SAFE THAN SORRY. Get to higher ground, pronto.

    Advice from a resident of Southeast Alabama, that lived through Opal.

  3. Ardsgaine Says:

    We were on the eastern edge of Ivan and Dennis. Dennis may have done more damage where it made landfall, but it dropped a lot more rain on us than Ivan did.

    It’s always a tough call deciding whether to stay or go. Every storm, regardless of category, has its own set of circumstances that can make it more or less damaging. Both Ivan and Dennis generated tornado cells east of us. If they had been further away, they might have done more damage in our area. It’s always a judgment call, and the overhyped coverage has to be a minor part of anyone’s decision.

    We cancelled our satellite service awhile back, so all our info came from, noaa and nwr. It’s probably better that way.

  4. Duke DeLand Says:

    In Tampa many of us are hard-of-hearing following the weekend hurricane!

    No, not the storm….just endless, continuous, repetitive drivel on all possible facets of the storm and its results…..and we just got rain and some wind….you know… like with ANY summer storm.

    Last year has set the MSM folks on a crusade to overplay hurricanes. I think if they kept the prattle to the areas really impacted…the coasts of Alabama and Florida’s panhandle, it would have been much more appropriate.

    Duke of DeLand

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