Stirred, Not Shaken

Here’s Christopher Hitchens in the Weekly Standard, on the July 7 bombings. The finale:

[F]rom now on, we must increasingly confront the fact that the war within Islam is also a war within Europe. It’s highly probable that the assassins of 7 July are British born, as were several Taliban fighters in the first round in Afghanistan. And the mirror image also exists. Many Muslims take the side of civilization and many European fascists and Communists are sympathetic to jihad.

These are not the bright, clear lines that many people fondly imagine to be heritable from a heroic past. But the nature of the enemy is somewhat similar. Like the fascists that they are, the murderers boast that they love death more than we love life. They imagine that this yell of unreason is intimidating and impressive. We shall undoubtedly go forward and put these grave matters to the proof but, meanwhile: Death to them and Long Live London!

7 Responses to “Stirred, Not Shaken”

  1. Doug Says:

    Wait a minute…….wasn’t Christopher Hitchens a leftist I was supposed to hate ? The world really has changed.

  2. ak47pundit Says:

    Hitchens is a liberal who’s been mugged by the Islamists.

  3. sven10077 Says:

    burned rather handily by them….

    he spent the 80s amking excuses, but in the late 90s he was starting to back away from the Imams.

    The death writ in absentia the Iranians have levied on Rushdie started his slide to sense, and 9/11 sealed it.

  4. Half Canadian Says:

    Interesting use of the term ‘assassins’. The original assassins (or rather, the eaters of hashish) were muslims (Shiite, I believe).
    This love of death isn’t recent.

  5. Cybrludite Says:

    Let’s see, suicide loving primatives against a nation of engineers who want their families to live? Sucks to be the loonies. If they reeeealy want to go the whole blood feud route, we can do that too, but we’ll be applying our R&D & production wizardry to that as well. As someone put it, “Americans look at war as either Sport or Business, and I’m not sure which is worse for their enemies.”

  6. richard mcenroe Says:

    “Hitchens is a liberal who’s been mugged by the Islamists.”

    I thought that was Robert Fisk.

  7. sven10077 Says:

    Richard McEnroe,

    it is only a mugging if you are not wearing an afterglow smile when they are done…..


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